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Pen Your Pride

You have my permission.

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Hey guys so sorry I didn't post this Chapter last night, I got into a movie with my parents. So here is this Chapter and I'll try to get another one out after this one...I won't be having hydro tomorrow D': So there won't be another Chapter tomorrow and that's why I'll try to post two today. Hope you are enjoying my story. 

Amandas P.O.V

''Hey babe! What are you doing here?'' He asked while walking closer to me, he sat down beside me then I stood up right away and he looked at me confused. ''What's wrong babe?'' ''I'm not your fuckn babe! Now leave me alone!'' He slowly stood up held my hand ''Oh come on don't be like that baby girl!''  ''Don't touch me!'' I pulled my arm back ''Oh come on!'' He took a step foward then I took two steps back ''Now why you being like this baby?'' ''Stop calling me baby! I'm not your baby or babe or baby girl or anything! I broke up with you for a reason James!'' ''Now tell me again, what is that reason?'' I gave him a 'are you stupid' look ''YOU FUCKN CHEATED ON ME!'' I yelled at him and felt a tear falling down my cheak, I don't know why I'm crying. I'm not sad, if anything I'm mad! Maybe it's tears of anger. ''Awe baby don't cry.'' He walked up to me and whiped off my tear, I slapped his hand off of me ''I-I said d-don't touch me!'' I tried to sound as mad as I really was but crying didn't really help. ''Don't you hit me!'' He grabbed me hard by my wrist ''OWW! LET GO!'' I was trying to take my hand back and tried to hit him more thinking he would finally let go but that didn't halppen instead he grabbed me harder and pulled me closer to him holding up my arm ''Or what?'' I didn't know what to say I just started to cry.

''Or I'll kick your ass myself!!'' I herd someone else yell at James, I have no idea who it was. James slowly started to put my arm down ''Who the fuck said that?'' James was just as confused as I was. ''I-I don't know.'' I said while looking around to see someone and there his was. He stood there looking at James is eyes full of anger making two fists with his hands ''Who the fuck-'' James started to say ''ASHLEY!!'' I yelled. He looked at me sadly then back at James mad again ''What do you want 'Ashley'?!'' Ashley started to walk closer to us. 

''I want YOU to let go of her and leave her alone!!'' James took a step forward and pulled me with him, I was still trying to get away but I just couldn't. ''What are you going to do about it?'' James pulled me right beside him and grabbed me harder ''OWWW'' Ashley got really mad and started to run up to James to tackle him, James pushed me to the ground. My vision went all black for a couple of seconds. When my vision cleared up I started to back up to sit under a tree and hide I didn't know what else to do. My back touched the tree, I pulled my legs up to my face and hide my face while crying. 

I looked up to see what was going on when I saw James on top of Ashley punching him ''Ashley!'' I yelled crying even more. Ashley looked over to me then got hit in the face again, Ashley looked up at James and frowned then punched him so hard that made him fall on the ground. Ashley rolled on top of James and started to punch him again and again, James and Ashley were bleeding, Ashley had a black eye, cut on his cheak and he had a little blood coming out of his mouth. As if he is going through all this trouble just for me. James had a bloody nose some cuts and a black eye and Ashley was still punching him. 

Ashley stop punching James, it looked like he was passed out. Ashley got up and looked at James and said something, I could tell what he said it to quiet. James slowly got up then looked over to me then back at Ashley ''THIS IS NOT FUCKN OVER!'' He yelled while looking at me, I just hide my face again James started to walk away and puches Ashley out of his way then got in is car. 

Ashley looked at the ground and whipe off some blood from his mouth then lift his head a little to look over at me hiding by the tree. He came and sat down beside me and lightly grabbed my wrist, a bruise as already started and my arm was red, he let go of my wrist ''Are you okay?'' Why would he ask if I'm okay? He was the one bleeding! We had to get him home and clean him up! ''I'm fine, but that doesn't matter. Are you okay?!'' He looked at me ''Yeah, I'm fine.'' 

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