Chapter Sixteen

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I ran after that. I ran so fast. He knew- He fucking knew. I even considered leaving my car behind but I took it anyways and drove as fast as I could. I spotted that he took his phone out and dialed a number as soon as I began to run. But I assumed it was Cassandra or someone else he was calling.

I didn't dare look anyone in the eye as soon as I got home and ran straight to my room and found my- oh so wonderful- mother sitting on my ottoman. "Um... what's up?" I asked, my fingers trembling.

"We have a last minute flight tonight. You have a photo shoot in Paris with Armani," she beamed, "this plan worked! All this afternoon, mine and Harry's mum's phones have been ringing with people screaming job offers down the phone,"

I tucked my hair behind my ears, "That's great, I'll start packing now," I nodded frantically, guiding her out of the room and pulling out a white suitcase. After shoving in a few outfits and accessories, I sat down on my bed and decided to speak to Coco.

"Coco?" her ears perked up, "ok good, you're listening," she sat up, "Harry knows. About everything. He knows about how depressed I am. He knows I'm absolutely shattered inside, Coco. He knows,"

She barked loudly.

"Coco calm down. I didn't tell mum, and I don't plan on doing so. She'll kill me. Besides, she won't see the situation from my point of view. She won't even try to," I layed on the bed and Coco hopped up onto my stomach, "she doesn't get how embarrassing it is. Having someone look at you and know how weak, and fragile you are,"

Coco whimpered.

"I know you feel the same way, everyone here treats you like you're too small and weak but in all honesty you just want to go and play with those big ass rotweillers from next door and prove us wrong," I stroked her fur, "so do I. I want to prove to everyone that I can be strong and I can beat depression,"

"So do it," said a voice.

I shot up, "COCO YOU CAN SPEAK?!"

"It was me," my dad chuckled as I frowned and layed back down.

It would've been much cooler if she could.

He sat down on the grey bean bag next to my bed and sighed. He clearly didn't know what to say. He'd walked in on a private conversation with my dog about my crippling depression and now I made him feel uncomfortable. Great.

"I'm on your side Katie," he whispered, staring at me as I sat up to look at him, "I'm rooting for you,"

My voice cracked, "I can't do it dad," I shook my head and burst into tears, feeling instant warmth as he came to hug me, "I can't,"

"You can. With effort. And time," he kissed the top of my head, "you might not be in the best position right now but that's ok. Because I'm on your side and together we'll beat depression,"

I nodded, "Ok daddy, we'll beat it together," I forced a smile as we both pinky promised. He'd heard what I said about Harry but told me he wouldn't tell mum. And if she did find out, he would calm her down before she made any rash decisions.

He left my room after that and Coco followed him, leaving me in solitude.

Although I was surrounded by people, I'd never felt so alone.

So I cried again. And didn't stop.

"Katie! Katie!" I ignored Harry's calls for me as we walked through airport security and towards our private jet. Paparazzi was running behind us, trying to snap a few pics of the both of us before I left for Paris.

"Get off me," I spat as Harry caught up to me and grabbed my arm. He caught his breath and let go, pulling me into a hug, "Harry don't,"

"Its important we talk about this. But you need a hug first. A big one," he said, his head buried in my shoulder. He kissed up my neck and on my lips, smiling a lot wider than I'd ever seen him smile before.

"It's ok Harry. I'm fine," I gave him a small smile and held his hands in mine, "Don't worry about it,"

"Katie you're not fine. And we are going to talk about it-"

I dropped his hands, "For flips sake Harry get over it!" I spat, "It's none of your business and you won't ask me about it again,"

He nodded and dropped his head.

"I'll see you later," I kissed his cheek and slowly walked away. I got onto the jet with a heavy heart and looked back at Harry who seemed to be having a heated conversation with someone on the phone. Probably his mum. Or mine. I turned back around and took a seat at the back, opposite my mum as she explained our arrangements for Paris.

I didn't listen to a single word she said. Because it didn't matter.

All the mattered was that Harry knew and no matter what he wasn't going to stop asking questions.

The private life of Katie Darlington wasn't about to be so private anymore.

I know this was short, I warned you last chapter lmao.

Tell me what you think, and thank you so much for reading.


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