Chapter 9

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"Louis I'm here!!" I heard Harry call from the door.

I walk down to see Harry in black sweats and a pink jumper he smiles at me.

"You look so tiny and soft." He says smiling softly "Tiny? I'm not tiny I'm big!" I groan

"Shut up and hug me tiny." He walks up to me and I can't help but open my arms big and wide for him. I feel all fuzzy and warm as I wrap my arms around his waist, his waist is one of my favorite things about Harry Styles.

"Mmh you smell good.. you smell expensive." I can't help but laugh when Harry had said that as I pull away from the hug.

"Well Gucci is expensive so I better smell like it." Harry giggles "Gucci huh? Let me be your sugar baby." He wiggles his eyebrows.

"Oi shut your pretty lips and kiss me already." Harry blushes before letting me kiss him.

He pulls away after a few seconds "Missed you.." I kiss him again maybe he'll understand that I missed him too, because admitting it will mean that I'm attached and when you're attached it leads to either love or heartbreak and I'm not willing to risk it.

I slip my tongue in and grab his bum before palming his cheeks and he moans softly "Wanna go upstairs?" I ask him and he nods before jumping on me.

For someone who's so tall he sure is light he wraps his legs around my waist. "Have you ever walked up these stairs I always seem to be carrying you." I tease him and he giggles fuck he's so cute.

"Shut up Lou and hurry up and get me to the top my Prince Charming." He pinches my cheek as he speaks.

We end up in my room in less then a minute and Harry's laid on the bed.

I kiss him immediately again slowly but enough to rile him up. I start kissing down his neck nipping lightly and I can feel him growing in his sweats against me as I'm straddling him.

He goes limp as I suck on his neck being the submissive person he always is.

"Shirt off." Harry pulls his shirt off before he pulls at the hem of mine trying to tell me to do the same. I pull of his pants revealing his beautiful thighs and legs. I take him in fully as I remove my jeans my eyes admire his tattoos, his hips, and just everything about him.

I pull my shirt off before going straight for his nipples all 4 of them.

I roll the nub that's not in my mouth slowly between my fingertips while I nip and lick the one in my mouth.

Harry is already moaning loudly he's so vocal which makes everything 10x better.

After a few more seconds of me playing with his nipples and making them sore Harry is whining to get touched.

"Louis need your hands." He begs and I pull away and he whines looking up at me.

"Hey baby.. I wanna ask you to do something and I'm sorry if it's a little weird for you.." Harry sits up "Go ahead." He nods telling me to continue.

"So I went shopping a while ago and I was bored and then I saw something and I couldn't help but to think about you and so I went in to the store and I picked out the prettiest pair..and I wanna eat you out so bad while you wear these." I get up and open my drawer pulling out a pink lace pantie with a little black bow in the front but in the back was a heart shaped hole.

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