The Blue Note

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AN: Old but also kinda newish, to some. When I first wrote this I envisioned MJ. Coming back to it,  it changed. That's what makes it kinda new, I guess? Rachel True is our girl. Hope y'all enjoy it. I'ma tag some people now. It's just that shit in this book don't really get read much. My bad... 😭
Lemme know what y'all think. Thx.K.Bye!

The elegant jazz band serenaded the attendees as they sipped their cocktails, danced with mates, or simply enjoyed the music.

In a booth sat an ebony beauty with her best friend chatting away. Encouraging her to step out onto the dance floor.

"There's nothing wrong with dancing with ya girl," she pressed. "Let's get out there."

She shook her head bashfully. "Nah, I'm alright."

"C'mon, enjoy the night. Forget about everything else," she encouraged.

"I'm fine, T," she assured. "Really. You enjoy yourself."

Giving her a somber smile, she slipped out of the booth.

She watched on, noticing how little amount of time it took before a man waltzed up beside her best friend, asking for a dance. She giggled to herself at the exchange before, once again, getting lost in the music.

With the drums setting the tempo and smooth keys companied with the bass, it sent her mind in a state of serenity. Slowly, her eyes closed as she began to sway.

"You know, instead of sitting by yourself, you should have a dance with me," a smooth baritone spoke startling her.

She sat with her small palm clutching her chest. "Jesus, you scared the shit outta me."

His radiant smile was thrown her way as he chuckled. "I'm sorry. That wasn't my intention."

"When trying to keep it smooth goes wrong," she playfully shot back.

"Yeah, maybe," he agreed. His gaze grew intense as he focused on her, admiring every feature. From her natural curly hair, to her almond shaped hazel eyes, high cheekbones and plump lips. To her long neck and broad, athletic shoulders down to her full breasts. All he longed to see, at this point, was everything beneath the table.

His stare caused immense discomfort, yet she couldn't dismiss him. "What?"

"Dance with me..." he repeated.

She stared at him in thought, T's statement ringing in her head. 'Enjoy the night. Forget everything else.'

"C'mon, you know you want to," he pressed, his tongue running along his bottom lip as he stared at her.

She sighed in defeat, "Just one song."

"That's all I need," he smiled, standing to his feet. He bowed slightly, asking for her hand. "My lady."

Placing her hand in his, those long digits encased hers as he pulled her to her feet. As he assumed she would be, thick, indeed she was.

The band eased into a steppers cut, causing more people to hit the dance floor.

"Can you step?" She whispered in his ear as they reached the center of the floor.

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