Deux - Occupandi Temporis

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Two - Seize the Moment

Everything seems small from a distance

So you create for yourself illusions

Teaching the world how to perceive you

Leaving them entranced when there are no 

footprints from your shoes

My, how you glide

Through time, through life

Dropping seeds of thoughts and tears of laughter

Standing silently by those who falter

Even in the shadows your radiance lingers

I understand you, m'dear

I've experienced those fears

I've tread the same soils, both far and near


...You were drawn to my light

But it burns too bright

To the point of destruction

Like the rising sun

You showed me that perhaps

all of my suspicions

of my "self", the portrayals

The externalized perceptions

The truth is that...

I'm to be loved at best

from a distance.

Lady Aria

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