Un - Le Piédestal

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One - The Pedestal

Of all the things I'd love to say

Words themselves seem to evade

They glimpse and glance, then escape

Into the sea taken with the waves

That's all I'd ever be to you

You seem to ignore the truth

And it's not about lack of want or desire
But the reality is that you are a flower, I, a fire.

You, much like all the rest

Place me on a pedestal and paint me as the best

I am not all that, it is merely a portrayal

Of the expectation held in the title of "royal"

I did not ask for this, it was handed to me

But I will not relinquish responsibility 

That I have to my people, dear, even for love

You, as my dream will have to be enough

Me, I have my freedom, this title is not death

I am not bound nor chained to the ropes on the bed
It is my duty to balance order and freedom
To restore harmony within my kingdom

The kingdom is mine but should have been ours
But unlike the rest, you did not seek power
You wanted the opposite – you wanted my surrender
Yet you couldn't resist what the throne engendered

Nay, this is merely the People's dream

One that I am trying to bring into reality

One that is fueled by the love and our fire

The passion, the silent, unspoken desires

Maroon drapes close, shutting out the light

Leaving us alone by candlelight 

Embodying each others bodies throughout the night

Then away in the morning, live another day to fight.

Lady Aria

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