Introduction - Le Chasseur

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Lady Aria was a born fighter, made of a metal not many had encountered. A mineral, a gem, curated and cultivated from the depths always lurking beneath the surface.

Like methane, rising as the densities and intensities shifted, she would rise, hidden deep beneath layers and layers of truth encoded into a language spoken only to those who sought to find answers, to find truth.

To find...authenticity.

But for what was she fighting?

She was a rebel with a cause. She wasn't a sadist at hart, so why the pain and destruction? Why the scars, why the wounds?

She fought for the only thing she'd ever desired: for the purposes of sharing herself with those whom she loved.

The irony though, was that her fight — all that she defended aggressively with a vengeance — was all that she had wanted to share, yet lacked the ability to do so.

She fought for her independence in the most ruthless way possible.

She fought for her kingdom with an even greater might.

She stood for justice in a way no one ever dared.

She... she was beautiful.


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