Chapter 38 - Charity event & window writing

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Somehow, on the Friday afternoon before the charity event, Louis, Sophia, Alice, and Aaron all ended up crowded in our little apartment after work. Jace had decided he didn't want to be bored while I was out at my "glamorous charity event", so I had to get ready with my five closest friends around me.

Alice and Sophia were fawning over me, fixing little pieces of my hair and swiping blush across my cheeks as if I were a doll, while I whined and attempted to smack their hands away. After a solid 45 minutes of the torture, they deemed I was ready to go out on the arm of Harry Styles.

"Look, with your hair pinned up like that, you kind of look like a mature adult who knows what she's doing with her life," Alice giggled, earning a playful smack from Sophia.

"Please, Norah is totally mature," Sophia taunted. "I mean, look at her outfit right now."

They burst into fits of giggles as I glanced down at my outfit, which consisted of flannel pajama pants covered in sheep and an oversize New York Yankees t-shirt. "I'm done with you two."

"You love us."

"Yes," I sighed, "but not enough to keep letting you poke me in the eyes with the mascara wand. Out. Go drink some wine of something."

Sophie scowled at me. "I'm not even legal, remember?"

"Don't care. Pour it in a sippy cup, young one."

She rolled her eyes playfully and followed Alice out of the bathroom, finally leaving me to get ready in a little bit of peace. I slipped on the purple dress that Jace had picked out for me earlier, buckled up my black heels, and stepped into the living room.

There was a low whistle from someone. "Did you actually brush your hair?"

"Maybe she does have her life together."

"I'd turn straight for you."

"I kind of liked the sheep pajama pants."

I scowled at my so-called friends. "Wow, thank you everyone for your uplifting comments and continuing support."

"We try," Jace said with a shrug. "But for real, you look awesome. What is this charity event even for?"

Scoffing, I plopped down on the edge of the couch, half in Louis' lap and not caring at all. "Like I know. He just yelled at me that we were going, so now I have to go if I want him to come clubbing tomorrow. We compromised."

Everyone rolled their eyes at the terms of my messed up relationship before turning their attention to Aaron's story about Victoria, who had apparently gotten a fact wrong today in the press meeting and still wouldn't admit it.

We were all making fun of her and pretending that we were not absolutely terrified of our boss when Harry stepped into the living room, hands in pockets and hair brushed back. He had on back jeans and a black blazer, underneath which he wore a loose white t-shirt that sipped down to reveal his collarbones.

My mouth was dry as he stared at me, parted his lips slightly, and stated, "Norah."

"Did you let yourself in?"

"Obviously," He chuckled. "Are you ready to go?"

After grabbing my purse and giving each of my friends a peck on the cheek goodbye (much to Harry's annoyance), I took his hand and we left my apartment and went down to the waiting SUV which James was driving.

The car ride was strangely silent; Harry's legs we're bouncing up and down and he kept playing with my fingers, almost as if he were nervous. I sat awkwardly beside him and debated asking if he was okay the entire time, but just when I decided I would, we pulled up at the event.

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