Group chat 6

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Zacharyyyy🔥+ Y/n🎀 pm

Saturday 9:27 am

Zacharyyyy🔥: Y/n good morning

Y/n🎀: morning Zach

Zacharyyyy🔥: I've got the info, our manager can fit one more person on the bus so if you decide to come we have room for you

Y/n🎀: Zach you're the best tysm, I'll consider it

Zacharyyyy🔥: hope you do, I'll love to haven you on tour with us 😊

Y/n🎀: aww zach I'll love to spend time with you

Y/n🎀: I mean also the boys, haha

Zacharyyyy🔥: 😊

Zacharyyyy🔥: anyway the boys are way too lazy ima wake them up. Ttyl

Y/n🎀: yup

"Cool kids" group chat

Corbeannn🤙🏻: good morning

Jonahhhhh👀: hello friends

Zacharyyyy🔥: bello

Noodle head 🍜: morning good

Damn danny 🤘🏻: helloooooooo

Y/n🎀: morning guys

Y/n🎀: and Zach do they know about it

Zacharyyyy🔥: yup why?

Y/n🎀: ok awesome, so I've thought about it and I really want to meet you guys so I'll be coming on tour with you guys.

Zacharyyyy🔥: that's amazing! I can't wait

Noodle head 🍜: yup..


Jonahhhhh👀: Y/n that's the greatest thing I've hear all morning. Can't wait y/n

Corbeannn🤙🏻: no way. Y/n you're gonna have the best time of your life

Y/n🎀: you guys are way too sweet when does tour start?

Zacharyyyy🔥: June 25- October 27

Y/n🎀: ok cool so it starts in like 3 days

Zacharyyyy🔥: yup

Y/n🎀: I'm gonna start packing then we can all meet somewhere

Corbeannn🤙🏻: definitely.

Y/n🎀: k gotta go then bye

Damn danny 🤘🏻: bye y/n

Noodle head 🍜: yup

Corbeannn🤙🏻: aww already but ok bye

Zacharyyyy🔥: byeeeee 💝

Jonahhhhh👀: ttyl 😊

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