Part 7

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Louis: You'll never guess what, guys!
Andy: You were accepted into that football team at last?
Fay: You've been telling us about it all week, Lou.
Louis: This isn't a good thing...
Fay: You weren't accepted?
Andy: Poor you.
Louis: Correct... but something happened to Mr Scotts, the coach.
Fay: Ooh, what?
Louis: Fay! He's dead!
Andy: Y'what? How?
Louis: They'll haven't found the body yet. But I assume he's dead.
Andy: But Mr Scotts was such a nice guy!
Fay: So he was reported missing straight after you were rejected?
Louis: Pretty much.
Fay: This adultnapper sure likes you, Lou.
Louis: Fay stop kidding around! This is serious!
Fay: Sorry.
Andy: D'you think he's in his basement?
Louis: What makes you say that?
Andy: I went to his house with my Dad and brother (he's best mates with Mr Scotts, my Dad is) and I saw the basement. I thought I'd explore, so I opened the door...
Fay: And then what?!
Andy: I swear I saw a ghost.
Louis: Bloomin heck.
Andy: ikr
Fay: I'm calling the police to tell them
Louis: You do that.
{The next day}
Fay: Oh my Lord!
Andy: What?
Fay: Where's Louis?
Louis: Here
Fay: Oh Good.
Andy: Fay, what is it?
Fay: They found Mr Scotts in his basement.
Louis: No way...
Fay: All his limbs had been ripped off and there was blood all over the walls. It said: How dare you upset my Louis!
Louis: 😱 oh my god
Andy: Who do the police say did it?
Fay: Well... three policemen went into the basement, only one came out. He thinks it's Louis' father.
Andy: Louis, who do you think it is?
Fay: Lou?
Andy: LOUIS!!
Louis: you're all going to pay.

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