Chapter 11 ~ Annabeth

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Annabeth was looking at the morning sunrise. The dawn was supposed to bring a new day and new beginnings. But instead, she was trapped in the past. Annabeth couldn't help but cry at the news. Percy wasn't coming home.

She watched the east as the sun rose. Her gray eyes became lighter from the morning light. She blocked the light from hurting her eyes. Annabeth wished the sunrise was happy. Her day was worse then it was supposed to be.

A salty tear fell down her cheek to her dress. Was Percy ever going to come home? It was one of the only things she worried about. Next to the baby of course.

She wondered, why hadn't he come home. She knew Percy wouldn't let anything stop home from seeing her. Her would fight his way back to Annabeth if he had to.

Annabeth wished she had some idea of what happened to him. She just sat there, watching the dawn rise. She frowned at the sun. It rose when she wasn't feeling at her best, as it always would.

Then it occurred to her. Percy would come back to her and she would always loved him with all her heart. Like the sun she wouldn't stop looking for him. Anything for her Percy to come back to her. Annabeth got up and walked back to the castle.

She roamed the empty halls of the Oceania castle. Piper and Jason had left, saying they had some business to attend to, and Hazel and Frank had their duties. So Annabeth was on her own.

Of course the maids and servants were still around. They were cleaning, cooking, doing whatever they were payed for. Annabeth even had a royal shoe polisher! Annabeth sighed. She missed the days when she and her friends would run around, play in the garden.

Annabeth looked at the delicate banners on the walls. One was made for each royal event. One for Poseidon's coronation. Another for his wedding to Amphitrite. Some for the princes' births. The next one was her favorite. Her and Percy's wedding. It showed them kissing at the altar. Soon after, Percy's coronation. Annabeth hoped for a banner for the birth of her baby. She sighed.

Annabeth had decided to outside in the gardens. She loved Percy's garden. A place he took her during their secret romance.

Once she had gotten to the gardens, the first thing she did was sit down near one of her favorite plants, moon lace. It glowed softly in the night. Annabeth counted its petals everyday. She smiled at it. She remembered the little pond where the fishes lived. She got up and walked to that.

Annabeth slid off her shoes and put her feet in the water. She rubbed her growing belly in happiness. This was one of the few times Annabeth had truly been happy. She was glad that her baby was still growing and alive. But she had no idea what to name the baby.

She wanted to decide with Percy. But if he didn't come back or if she didn't find him before the baby's birth, she would have to name him on her own.

For a girl, she liked the names Rosalie, Evelyn, Hayley, and Callista. Rosalie meant rose. Evelyn meant hazelnut. Hayley meant hay field. Callista meant beauty or beautiful. She couldn't decide which name she liked best.

For a boy, her choices as broad. Arthur, Landon, Raymond, and Evan Jacob. She had to pick some names. Arthur meant noble, lofty hill. Landon meant open, grassy field. Raymond meant wise protector. Evan meant God is gracious. Jacob mean holder of the heal or supplanter. But together they would sound like a nice name.

Annabeth didn't realize time had flown so fast. It was almost sunset. During that time, she feeding the fishes. Watering all the magnificent plants and flowers. Watching the fish swim around. She had some difficulty getting up because of her growing baby.

She wanted to go see Piper again. But no. Something told her she shouldn't go outside. Then.. why did she head to the gardens? There was a calming effect that drew Annabeth to the gardens. The smells of the plants. The relaxing sounds of water running. She sighed, deciding to sleep in the garden instead.

She looked up at her balcony. The rope she had made was still there. Annabeth did her best to climb up it. The climb was difficult, her being exhausted from the baby, who was sapping up all her energy and from being weighed down, also from the baby. Annabeth was glad she could climb ropes and trees from such a young age.

She sat on the balcony railing. It was a fun way to watch the sunset. Balancing yourself on a railing with your swollen belly and weak state. Simple. Annabeth loved the feeling of the wind in her hair and morning breeze. She felt like one of those princesses who waited in a tower or their prince to come and rescue her.

But she did feel that way. She was waiting for Percy to come home. To take her away from all her problems and worries. It was her only hope for now. She sighed.

Annabeth had no idea what to do for the next hour. She sat down and did absolutely nothing. Straight up nothing. Maybe other than breathing and sitting. Either she could go visit the library and read a book, or go outside and visit the towns.

Maybe she could go to the kitchen. Annabeth decided on making cookies. She knew baking wasn't her best skill, but she was going to try and improve. Blue cookies would be amazing. She decided to go back to the garden and pick a few berries.

She left the kitchen for the garden. She clutched the basket in her hands. Annabeth felt something was going to go wrong to tonight, but then shrugged it off. Her senses must not be right and she was just worrying too much. She sighed and picked a few of the good looking berries and put them in her basket.

Suddenly, she heard a ruffle behind her. In the bushes. She turned around. Standing here was a traitor. An evil scheming liar who had tried to kill her not so long ago.


"Well, hello my dear queen."
"What do you want?" Annabeth sneered.
"It's not what I want. It's what my master wants."
"What does he want, then?"
"Ah, this may take a while. Master Luke wants you to come with me and I will take you to him. Who knows, you might finding your beloved."
"My dear queen, you have no other option. You die and the baby, may I mention the heir of Oceania, dies with you. Or you live in captivity with your husband and child. If you were wise, you would chose the second."

Annabeth didn't know what to think. She didn't want to live as a prisoner, but she didn't want her baby to die. She figured Octavian wouldn't let her go or let her escape. The wisest option would be to go with him. And if she could find Percy again, her heart wouldn't feel so broken.

"Oh your highness, I'm going to be taking you away now. So let's go, chop chop."

Annabeth willingly followed Octavian into the carriage. It wasn't comfy. All torn up and beat. Annabeth rubbed her stomach.

We'll see your father again, my love. I'm sorry this was the only way.

The carriage rode off to Luke's headquarters.

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