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A Whole New Kind of Crazy!!!

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How do I start? I’m a normal girl, was a normal until I accidentally happened upon a little boy in an alley. He was covered in mud with no parent to speak of so I brought him home unknowing of the tragedy that would befall my life not soon after. It started as just a normal day got up went to work and headed home, I didn’t know I would find a kid just sitting in an alley crying like nobody’s business. I walked into the alley and he started upright with fear in his eyes, I shushed him and he calmed seeing that I was not a threat looking closer I could see bruises on his arms and neck. Furry flowed through my body like the blood in my veins, someone had hurt this poor child I could not let it happen again.

“Hey are you okay? Would you like to come with me, I’ll get you something warm to eat and a bath and a warm bed to sleep in.”

He stared at me a moment as if trying to decide then he nodded his head and grabbed my outstretched hand and walked with me to my apartment. He said not a word the entire time until I left him alone in the bathroom.

“Don’t leave I’m scared.”

I looked at him a moment then sat on the toilet facing away from the tub so he had privacy. While he bathed he hummed some foreign lullaby and it made me kind of sleepy. I must have dozed because the boy shook me awake with a small grin on his face.

“What is your name nice lady?”

I smiled and shook my head at how cute the kid looked biting his lip in query.

“How rude of me, my name is Clara, what is your name nice boy?”

He smiled so big and giggled a bit.

“My name is Jase.”

With that we walked into my room where I had a big t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts for him to wear until I got him some clothes.

“If I may why were you in that alley?”

All lightness left the room as the boy studied my serious face. I was not going to take any lies and he saw that in my face.

“I ran away from my father his new mistress likes to hit me, and he didn’t believe me when I said it was her, she would become hysterical and cry and scream until I left the room then she convinced my father to send me away to my brothers but he has no time to take care of me he is always out at the clubs doing bad things with his friends.”

My heart screamed and I couldn’t help but start to cry with angry sadness, I shed no tears but wept so deeply that I could no longer breath. I took a few shaky breaths and calmed myself so I didn’t scare Jase.

“Well you can stay here if you like but I will be getting into contact with your brother in a few days.”

He looked at me and started to cry.

“Please don’t let him have me he will hurt me too.”

I pulled him into my arms and he relaxed, really relaxed for the first time.

“I wont let anyone hurt you I promise.”

And I would have kept that promise if the problem about to arise didn’t ever happen. I laid him down in my bed and sat in my comfy recliner and fell asleep. The next morning I got up and made pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage for breakfast. Jase came down the stares timidly and smiled when he saw me cooking he bounded into the kitchen and sat at the island bar watching my movement with a fascinated gleam to his eyes.

“You look like your dancing.”

I don’t think he meant to say it because right after he looked embarrassed, he looked away and I smiled putting food on a plate and sliding it in front of him. He looked at it for a long moment then ate like a starving man; once he was fished I had already eaten and cleaned up the mess.

“So today I think we should get you some clothes to wear because you can’t keep wearing mind.”

I said with a smile he hopped off the stool and put his plate in the sink and put the clothes he had worn last night when I’d found him back on, they where now clean after a few good washes. We left my apartment and went to the mall where we went into store after store just browsing to see if he liked any of it when a group of guys came up to us not looking to friendly. Jase hid behind me while the leader of the group tried to stare me down.

“Excuse me do you need help finding your medication?”

His group looked at me in utter awe not knowing what to think.

“HAHAHA. No thanks I don’t need medication I do however need my little brother, who seems to be hiding right behind you.”

I looked behind me dumbly and stared at him blankly.

“Well seeing as the only person behind me is my little brother, and I am definitely not related to the likes of your sorry ass I don’t think you’ll be getting him. Now if you’ll excuse us we have school shopping to get done before my mother has an aneurysm.”

The stupid squad behind Jases’ big brother was ooing and awing while he stewed at my comments. I grabbed Jases’ hand and made a dash for the exit running the three blocks to my house and slamming the door behind me shut.

“He will find us it’s only a matter of minutes.”

And sure enough there was banging on my door then a thud upstairs, I hid Jase in the hide-a-room in my house then grabbed the baseball bat in my living room and slowly went up stairs to see the older brother in my room looking through my things. I let him have it swinging like a wild women and he dodged almost every blow then grabbed my shoulders slamming me against the wall that’s when I heard him, Jase was yelling at him to stop but it was all muffled because I had hit my head.

“Cane STOP! Don’t hurt her she’s a nice lady she took care of me she’s like mom, please don’t hurt her.”

His last words broke with a sob, and the hands gripping my arms for dear life loosened a little. Cane looked at me with a sad look in his eyes then total clarity. I guess something had dawned on him, that he had had some kind of profound epiphany.

“You look so familiar but I can’t quite place it, oh I see now you own that little bakery I go there all the time for your cakes.”

I stared at him for a hard minute and relised that he was my best costumer, what a great time this was I was going to loose a costumer and my life, but it was for a good reason, I looked at Jase and he was crying uncontrollably. I started to struggle against Cane to get to Jase but he just tightened his grip pulling me to his chest.

“Let me go you bone head.”

And he did surprisingly and I ran to Jase and held him until he calmed down.

“Shhh shhh it’s okay I’m not going to let anyone hurt you as long as I breathe.”

Cane looked at me shocked at my words and I glared daggers at him. He walked towards us and motioned for me to stand so I did and I followed him like and idiot. Jase trembled in my arms and a shushed him accordingly.

“You will be coming with me if you intend to stay with my brother.”

And with no questions I followed him to his truck and got in the back seat with Jase and we left to god knows were…..

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