Dino chicken nuggets

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Fidgeting slightly Dan crossed his legs while twisting his fingers nervously. What was Phil going to tell he he wondered,would be need what ever they had going on? Or maybe movie thing further?
"Calm down Dan,it's just a chat sweetie." Phil took the little hands in his giving it a slight to draw him back.

Visibly relaxing Dan was still anxious but managed to mumble a small 'ok' he avoiding Phil's eyes. The littles as sure his friend would comment on his neediness or how annoying he was.

"Please look at me Dan,"Phil strictly told the little gaining his attention immediately. "Is it ok if we talk about cgl?" He asked wanting Dan consent before the discussion began.

Dan was about to nod his head but something about Phil's tone told him to use words"Yes we can talk about it,if you want to." He assured along with a nod.

Once Dan gave Phil the 'ok he started the conversation"You're a little with out a caregiver,right?"

"Yes I am." The little was quite upset about not having a caregiver, all of the once he had were abusive or quiet after awhile. And of corse he had Louise but had other things to than just take care of him.

"Well,I know we only met a few months ago but I really like you."Phil couldn't help but blush as he told Dan his feeling. The two boys had really only talked about cgl once before,when Phil found out about Dan.

"I like you too!" Dan said happily jumping slightly,he couldn't believe that Phil liked him bac. The little never thought some as amazing as Phil would like him back.

"Will you be my little and partner?" Phil asked nervously with the fear of rejection lingering over him.

But seeing Dans reactions made him feel better. The brunette haired boy was squealing,squeaking and making other inhumanly,yet cute noises. At one point he had stood up and had a mini dance party  before going back to the couch.
Dans arms wrapped around Phil and held him tight and gave the boy a huge kiss on the cheek.

Phil smiled brightly happy that Dan Howell,the boy who came to his baker looking sad and payed in cuteness was now his boyfriend and little. Though he didn't know what happened in Dan past relationships Phil was going to treat Dan right. In that moment Phil decided that he would never hurt his little boy.

A sharp beeping interrupted the boys,Dans lunch was ready. Before Dan could move off of Phil's lap his cheek was showered in kisses sending him in to a fit of giggles. "Philly the food will burn!" He groaned finally making it it his feet,but was once again pulled in to Phil's arms and guided to the kitchen.

The smell of food filled the house makings Dan's stomach growl quietly. "Sit at the table so I can feed you sweetie." Phil's voice was soft yet it had a hard strict undertone that mad Dan want to please him. So he sat on a chair at the table and waited for Phil to fix him food there was no fighting it though the little felt rather guilty.

Phil took the food out of the oven and set it on the counter to cool slightly,there's no way he would feed Dan scolding hot food. In the mean time he searched the cabinet for a plate to put the food on,the one he chose was a kids plate the had pictures of different Disney princesses on it.

Dan blushed madly when he saw the plate his now caregiver had picked out for him. But he didn't say anything,there was no denying the plate was his as he was the only little. Phil though it was rather cute that Dan had Disney princess stuff and other little things.

"Dan where are your soppy cups?"Phil had been looking but couldn't find any,and he didn't want the boy to spill his drink.

"In my room,that's where I keep my stuff." Dan told him as the blush he wore spread down his face. He was nervous to show Phil the amount of little stuff he had,though he had only seen a bit when the closet incident.

"Can you go get daddy a sippy cup, so I can get you a drink?" Phil's asked attempting to get a rise out of the boy. It was cute to see the boy blush,which Dan did. Dan's face turned a deep red a squeaked and covered his face.
The little was definitely surprised by Phil's comment but stood from his chair and running to his room,and a way from Phil who was giggling at the little.

Phil plated some of the food for his partner also giving him some baby carrots and ranch dressing
for dipping and set the plate at the table. Once Dan came back, sippy cup in hand,with a deep blush covering his face Phil pulled in Dan in to his arms and hugged the boy. "What's the blush for sweetie?" Phil asked knowingly.

Dan was still very embarrassed so he hugged Phil  and stuffed his face the the crook of Phil's neck."You know why Phil!" Dan whined out cutely.

"Who is this Phil?" The caregiver questioned."I am daddy." Phil's couldn't help him self,it was just too cute to see his little this flustered.

Dan hesitated softly said"Stop making me blush,daddy." In some way the little known not to tell Phil what to do but he was a bit of a brat.

"Baby boy I don't think you're the one giving ordered." Phil said pulling the boy out of his and sitting him in the chair. With a kiss on the cheek Phil set Dans plate in front of him and poured him a drink. "I'm in charge now little one."Phil said with a giddy smile,he had waited so long for Dan to be his little.

Dan simply nodded with a "Yes daddy." Before allowing Phil to cut up and feed him.

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