Four Short Works of Prose

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Na. Ta. Lee. 

Na. Ta. Lee. Natalie, life's paprika, the spice of my life. My torment, the reason for my unreason. Na-ta-lee: a step to the left, two steps to the right. A love too hot to register. Na - left - ta -right - lee - right. A tap dance with desire. A Texas three-step with agonizing love. Na. Ta. Lee.  

A Positive Change

Sam started telling people to sod off. He did it with a smile. Since most of the Americans had no idea what he was talking about, he got into less fights. Not a bad change. A sign of maturity for ol' Sam.

Story's over. Now sod off, reader.

Cygor 2040

Comically bad presidents had gone out of style in the 30s. Absurdism was now in style.

The cyborg gorilla who wore lady's underwear on his head was the right choice for the times. He had to get rid of the shoulder-mounted laser though because he only used it to point to graphs and charts when giving speeches.

Too professorial, polling had found.

The Pen Thief

Someone was stealing pens. It was Tom. But Tom had a reason. Rachel loved to chew on the ends when she was nervous. Chew. Chew. Chew. Until her teeth marks were visible. Coworkers used to complain. So, he'd take them home. When confronted about his transgressions by his boss, he explained himself simply: It was a crime of passion.  

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