3:00 A.M.

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"Jungkook, stop! You cannot fit in there!"

You grimace, covering your eyes as the naked butt of your ex-pet-rabbit waves in the air in part of his attempt to fit his head inside the hole of his tiny, bunny-sized house.  He won't listen to you; heck, he won't even acknowledge your presence.

You aren't sure what's so important inside that house that he's trying to smush his new, gigantic form inside of it, but it's exasperating all the same.

When he was a rabbit, the enclosed protection of the mini building was a safe space for him.

Now that that safety is unattainable, you suppose he feels even more like he needs to be in there.

Like he needs to hide for a while.

The young dark-haired man is scrabbling desperately at the floor, panic clear in every single one of his movements. There's a repetitive squeaky noise coming from his throat, a high pitched sort of scream that would be amusing in any other situation.

He's going bonkers.

You're tempted to grab him around the waist and drag him away, but you're afraid of grabbing something important as he still doesn't have any clothes on.

Instead, all you can do is stand helplessly and wait for him to calm down.

It takes a long time.

After about ten minutes or so of him trying squeeze his now huge body into the not-huge space, Jungkook sits back on his heels and stares at the entrance, trembling.

He looks like exactly what he is on the inside: a terrified bunny.

His gaze moves to you, overflowing with helplessness.

Then, in the blink of an eye and before you can protest, the man's arms are tight around around your waist and his head is pressed into the crook of your neck.

He obviously still isn't processing the fact that he isn't a rabbit anymore, because when you wrap your arms around him in return, Jungkook drops his weight.


And you don't have the strength to hold him up.

"Agh!" you shriek as his weight drags you both to the floor in a painful tangle of limbs. His knee crashes against your hip and your heads smash together roughly, a whimper of pain fleeing his lips. The next thing you know, you're trapped on the ground, back on the wood floor, with a fully-grown man curled up like a baby on your chest.

"I'm human," Jungkook says in a strained voice. "Why am I a human?" You feel something wet fall into your collarbone and suck in a breath.

He's crying.

The ebony-haired man is wrapped tightly in your arms, weakly sobbing against your skin. He's disoriented, and confused, and scared out of his mind.

You would be too if you suddenly changed species.

So you allow him to clutch into you, and in return you scratch your fingers through his hair and rub his back in comforting gestures, the same thing your would do if he was still a rabbit.

"It's okay, Jungkook," you whisper gently. He shudders and buffs his head into your touch as his arms tighten around you.

"Are you gonna give me away now?" he asks in a small voice. "Please don't. I like it here."

Thoughts and questions are flying through your mind 100 miles a minute, but everything comes to a screeching halt when he asks that question.

Jungkook lifts his head, revealing once again the startling sight of a familiar pair of eyes set in an unfamiliar face.

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