Welcome home, Philip!| Lams

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'Imagine your OTP bringing home their adopted child for the first time'

"Hello, Philip!" I cooed at the little two year old. Philip, stood behind the social worker's leg, clinging onto her. Alex smiled and rubbed my back as I watched the small boy stumble to me. He babbled incoherently, but I just nodded and listened as of I knew what he was saying. "You can pick him up, he is your son after all!" The social worker told me as Philip touched my leg. I smiled and put one hand down, letting him grab my pointer finger.

"Hi, Philip... I'm your father..." I whispered, watching him coo. Philip looked up at me and giggled. "Ma!" He chirped. I smiled. "That will work." I giggled out, picking him up and keeping him close to my chest. Alex rubbed my arms and smiled. "Thank you so much..." Alex chuckled to the social worker. She nodded. "Of course! Congratulations on your first child!" He lady cheered as we left.

We had a car seat set up for Philip, so I put him in securely and made sure that Alex watched me so he could put Philip in as well. "Here, let me make sure I got this right..." Alex hummed, putting his hands on either side of my waist and clipping the seat belt around Philip. Alex smiled as our toddler took his finger. "Pa!" Philip giggled, letting go of Alexander's finger. "Look at that... he thinks he can challenge his father..." Alex joked. I smiled and jumped into the passenger seat. Alex got in the driver's side and drove to our house.

*time skip*
"Okay, Philip, we're going into your new home!" I cooed, turning back to the toddler. "Ma!" He squealed. I smiled and got out of the car, Alex following. Alex let Philip out of the car, taking his hand and leading him inside. Philip stopped and played with his fingers nervously. Alex turn back and smiled at him. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" I asked, feeling Philip hug my leg. "Up!" He cried. I sighed and looked at Alex.

"Yep." Alex hummed, kissing my cheek as he scooped up Philip and took him inside m. I followed behind, Alex taking my hand. "Okay Philip... this is your home!" Alex told him, nuzzling his nose into Philip's curly hair. Philip smiled and hugged Alex. "Pa!" He cheered. I smiled, all he knew was Ma and Pa.

Alex let Philip down to play with some of the toys we bought him. I smiled at Alex as he kissed my head. "He's precious..." I whispered. "Of course he is... he looks just like someone~" Alex purred. I smiled and pressed my lips to his. "I love you..." Alex whispered, leading me to the couch that Philip was in front of. I smiled down at our new baby boy. "I love you, too..."

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