Staring blankly across the table, she just let her mind process the words slowly, gaping at them. “You guys are dating?” Keely asked in her raspy voice,

Awkwardly Tony just nodded, gripping Sadie’s hand on top of the table where they sat across from her and Joseph. Sadie seemed unable to meet her eyes, instead hiding her face with her madly curly light brown hair, staring guiltily out the window.

Having gotten over her shock, Keely burst out laughing to the alarmed looks from her companions.

Her laughing only ended when she took in a painful breath, making her gasp before cutting off sharply. Ignoring the jolt it caused in her stomach, she just shook her head, looking at her two friends. “But that’s so gross!” she exclaimed, “You two are best friends!”

All three people in the booth squirmed awkwardly at her words.

“Well, I…” Tony trailed off, sending a quick glance at Sadie. “I – I love her.”

Sadie quickly glanced at him, shooting the – her boy a warning look, but when she found him staring at her the look slid away. The expression turning into a soft little smile, a quick blush brushed her cheekbones before she turned her head purposely away.

Unable to set her heart against it, Keely felt her cynical heart melt at the moment. Yes, she was far from believing that love ever worked out, she had proof all around her and she had already refused to take the bet. But why couldn’t it work for them? Even if a part of her was cynical, she had the downfall of a romantic heart deep down. She was still the girl that cried like a baby in Titanic and Moulin Rouge.

Feeling the smile touch her lips, she shook her head, looking down at the bowl of soup in front of her on the table. “But I guess it’s kind of cute too,” she admitted, bringing the spoon up to her lips.

After their dinner where the talk mostly revolved around whatever Sadie and Tony had to say since Keely was attempting to keep her talking at minimum and to be honest Joe just didn’t really like Tony. And she thought she was one to hold a grudge. They talked about the universities they were going to, making Keely smile, but find she was grateful she didn’t have to deal with school. Apparently Sadie had got a scholarly scholarship while Tony had gotten a sports one to the same school.

It really was sweet.

Almost sickeningly sweet.

When the movie they’d decided to go see was approaching, they paid for their meal – well, she was told she had to pay since she was seemingly a rock star to them – the four took off down the road towards the theatre.

Trying to ignore the fact that this night had been planned to happen with a completely different friend, Keely slipped her arm through Sadie’s, pulling them further ahead on the road, leaving the boys behind. As much as she liked Sadie, the girl was Tony’s best friend, not hers, never had been. And she’d never be Haley. But if Haley would ever be Haley again was the real question.

Mentally shying away from thought of her friend, Keely nudged the other girl with her shoulder. “So… you and Tony?” she prodded.

Blushing again, Sadie looked away to the side. Biting her lip to hide her smile, she couldn’t help but think the other girl looked adorable when she blushed and wonder if Tony thought the same. Although she wasn’t sure she ever wanted to be in Tony’s head when it came to thinking about girls.

“Yeah,” Sadie murmured, still staring away. “Look, I know this has to be awkward. With you and him having been you and him for so long before. But it just sort of happened, and I do love him and–”

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