Challenge # 1: Sci-fi

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It's like electricity through his body. Energy. He's alert. Picking up on the smallest of sounds. The slight sniffle of his superiors. The dripping of a tap. The footsteps in the distance, coming straight to his cage for a daily check-up.

"Just a quick check."

The doctor's voice is hushed but the words roar into his ears. He flinches. Shushes. Scowls. Everyone speaks so damn loud now. Everyone breathes loudly. Their hearts...

He swallows thickly. This doctor has a particularly attractive scent to her. Like cinnamon and nutmeg mixed together. He watches the doctor closely as she scribbles down her observations. He hisses. The scraping of the pen against paper is like nails on a chalkboard. Scratchy. Piercing.

"You've said you've been experiencing some sensitivity in your hearing?" the doctor asks.

"Hearing... sight..." He sniffs the air to inhale that scent. "Smell."

The doctor stiffens for the briefest of seconds but he picks up on the tension. The stiffening of muscles. The twitch in her clenched jaw. He smiles wide. Showing teeth. Sharp teeth.

"Exactly the enhancements we wanted from the Nocturnide. You're responding well." The doctor arches an eyebrow. "How do you feel?"

The soldier smiles. "Thirsty, doctor."

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