Chapter 13

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•Amelia's POV•
"Oh.. You two know each other?" Alex glanced back and fourth between us as I kept my head down. "Amelia, let's go. Now." His voice boomed and I jumped a little. He grabbed my wrist harshly and dragged me out of Alex's office.

Once we were outside, I yanked my wrist from him. "I'm going myself." He turned around and was about to say something but closed his mouth. His eyes glanced on my neck. Multiple love marks were visible right now, even with the slightly dim street light. Damon's eyes flashed with anger and I put my hand on top of my neck.

There was no available taxis and I mentally groaned. "Just. Let me drive you." He sounded much calmer now, but a hint of anger still remained.

I got into the passenger seat with my arms crossed and looked out the window.

"What were you doing with him?"

My head snapped towards him and he looked straight ahead while driving.

"Why do you care?" I was still angry at the fact that he didn't tell me he had a fiancé. I heard him sigh and the rest of the ride was silent.

I didn't even wait for him to get out of the car as I rushed towards the door. The new maid, Janet, greeted us as the door. "There's a visitor ma'am." I thanked her and walked into the door. There I saw Cheryl. Looking beautiful as ever.

"Amelia! Gosh I haven't seen you in so long." She ran up and gave me a hug. Her eyes looked at my neck. "I see you and Damon have been getting along very well.." She raised her eyebrow and I gave her a weak smile. "Does she even know about Damon's criminal life?.." Thoughts were swarming my brain.

"Hey big brother, I'm staying here for a couple days. Then I'm going back to Italy." I looked at her with a big grin. "Let's go freshen up. I've got a lot of gossip stories I want to tell you.." She grabbed my arm and I didn't even take the chance to look at Damon.

After hours of talking about who's dating who, who's pregnant and who got arrested. Cheryl and I laid down on her bed, looking up at the roof. "Cheryl?" I sat up.

"Are your parents in Italy?" I saw her eyes darken. "O-oh in sorry, you don't have to answer.." She grabbed my hand and her expression changed back to normal. "No.. I can see you and Damon are serious and I know for sure he won't tell you.."

Then she began the story. "My mother was a beautiful woman. She cared deeply for us and didn't want to cause any harm, but my father was a ruthless man. We were all afraid. Being the leader of the most known mafia in Italy and well known in America wasn't a soft job.." I was shocked, she knows all about the criminal activity, it's in her bloodline. "He needed an heir so he married my mother, Luisa, just for some political gain. Her first born, Damon, was taken away from her right after he was born. She wasn't even able to hold him. He was just gone. Like that. My father gave him off somewhere to be raised up. I came along but my mother convinced my dad not to take me away too. For years, we did not know where Damon was and what he was doing. My mother, was snooping around and found a file containing medical exams of Damon. Broken arms, fractured skull. She was horrified. The secret got out. My father gave away his first child to be placed with people who trained him from the day he walked. He was taught how to fight, how to kill. Just everything a child shouldn't be taught. My father was raising a person whom he thought was a perfect human to take over the family business. He was right about that..."

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