Part two

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Now, let us get to my main problem : School.

I mean, I have good grades and such, but my reputation begs to differ. But, what I do get is pity.

From the teachers, I mean, y'know. Mostly from my English teacher. Writing on tiny slips of paper to communicate every day can be rewarding when it come to specializing in grammar.

But, I do have an enemy, and that Battle Tactics. 

A simple subject. You get a random forest pokémon to battle and learn strategies with, but since I can't command my creature It usually runs around me, waiting for instruction. The teacher blames it on me not having a bond with said pokémon, but we both know the truth.

I hate that class.


Welp. Today we have an assembly. I hate them. But since they mostly take two periods, I can let it slide, after all, we would have had Battle tactics next.

Taking my seat in the back of the auditorium I began to listen to the people around me's conversations. "Oh. Em. Gee. You must try on this lip-gloss, you will heart it!" "So then the Ducklett says, 'Just put it on my bill'." "Ooh..I wish Brendan knew I existed." "Really man, that pokémon sucks!" And put it in my memories to never take them into consideration again.

The Principal then walked on to stage, causing everyone to grow as silent as I.

He cleared his throat and spoke "As you know, I am your Principal, Dr.Oak. And as most of you know, it is the time when two students leave the school to set out on a journey with pokémon. As you know, they will be excused from the rest of the school year to train these lovable creatures. You must meet a few requirements though, You must have no detentions" A few groans from the crowd could be heard  "Be on the Honor Roll, and free from any after-school programs." A few girls around me started complaining. "These lucky new trainers are...Brendan Birch, please come up and--" Roars of applause came from all directions, once it quieted down Dr.Oak continued,

"And May Maple"

Did I hear that correctly? Me?? Apparently I wasn't the only shocked one because the entire auditorium quieted down.

"Come on up May Maple" The Principal said wondering why no one would do so much as cheer me on for my accomplishment.

Then the only thing as I sat up slowly were whispers. Mostly saying things about how I didn't deserve it.

I slowly walked up on stage next to Dr.Oak as he took both mine and Brendan's hands and raised them over our heads. "I present our new trainers!"

The audience clapped slowly, obviously oblivious to my feelings.

The assembly then ended as everyone got up to crowd the halls.

Dr.Oak led us to his office. But I was still dazed.

This is gonna be one helluva ride....


Ahh!! I almost deleted it by accident. 

This was annoying to write but I hope you like!

Stay sharkie!

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