Chapter 36- Grimmauld Place

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"Does that answer your question?" Remus said.

"Wow, ok." V mumbled and together they knocked on the door.

Within a few seconds they heard soft footsteps and the door swung open.

"Really Remus, one in the morning? Look at how tired my daughter is." Sirius said giving V a hug. Sirius looked a lot more tidied up, wearing decent trousers, a big fur coat and polished shoes.

"She's the one who insisted on bringing her car." Remus agitated as everyone started to make their way to the dining room.

V looked around the hallway, with her eyes feasting on everything in it, the wallpaper, the picture frames, the peaks into the rooms that they were passing.

"Look I know, it's a bit dark and quite unwelcoming-"  

"Oh no! I love this place! It's so elegant and it has so much charisma-"

"You call this charisma? I call this darkness." Remus asked as they all sat down one end of the dining table.

"Do you know who I am? I basically live in the darkness. This place kind of reminds me of the Slytherin common room," V said standing up and walking around, taking in more of the house's interior. "I mean, all we have to really do is get rid of any evil, useless junk and clean it up."

"It really isn't that easy, V. A lot of the items in here have been enchanted by my mother and anything enchanted by my mother can only do harm. But keep your enthusiasm up, dear, Merlin knows we're going to need truckloads of it to make this place even mildly presentable to the rest of the order."

"By the way, V." Remus interrupted with a hint of a smile, "The Weasley's will be coming to help out in a couple days' time. They'll be staying for the rest of the summer."

"Really!?" V said with a grin bright enough to light the hallway of the dim house.

"Which means I'm going to have to keep an eye on that George, and make sure he knows that my daughter only deserves the best."

"Hence why we're here." Remus commented sarcastically.

"Shh." Sirius shushed as he put a hand up as if to silence him. V giggled at this but then also let out a long, exhausted yawn. "Right, I think someone needs to go to bed." Sirius said, walking over to her and tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "Your room is on the top floor, at the end of the hallway. It is one of the only rooms I've managed to clean up though I definitely think it could do with a bit of touching up."

"Thanks dad, I guess I am quite tired. I'll see you in the morning then."

"Ok, goodnight sunshine."

"Goodnight dad." She said giving him a hug and going over to Remus saying, "Goodnight god dad." And giving a hug too.

She walked up the stairs, where she enchanted a candle to follow her for light as Sirius had warned that the lights in the upstairs floors were a bit dodgy. The wallpaper was clearly old with a layer of dust covering it but it did look as though it had once been the wallpaper of someone wealthy with extravagant taste. The neglect of the house was obvious with the floor creaking as V walked down a hallway which was notably covered in cob webs.

V then looked around the hallway as she walked only to come face to face with a lifeless elf's head on a stand. She then looked down the hallway and realised that there were a whole line of house elves.

V's face contorted in surprise as she muttered a fearful, "Merlin." And as if this was all a build-up of suspension she heard a small croaky voice behind her.

"Mistress has seen my ancestors." The voice said causing V to jump and swear loudly.

V turned round and found another house elf except this one had its head attached to its and was quite clearly alive. The house elf looked old, with white hair coming out of its ears and its skin being rather wrinkly but he also looked rather unkempt like the rest of the house with its large blood shot eyes and especially ragged cloths.

"Sorry to startle my mistress." It muttered before bowing.

"That's all right- er- what's your name?" V inquired timidly.

"Kreacher. My poor mistress has been without my serving too long." He replied, bending down lower, looking at his own feet as if they were the only thing he was allowed to look at.

"That's alright, um, do you mind showing me to my room?" V asked deciding that walking through the ominous house too risky of a task to do on her own, even if her only companion was a creepy old house elf.

"Of course, mistress." Kreacher said humbly before proceeding down the dark hall and up another flight of stairs.

"So Kreacher, did you say that those er... heads belonged to your ancestors?" V questioned trying to hide a look of displease from her face.

"Yes, we serve the noble House of Black till we can't no more and then get our heads chopped off. So gracious to be preserved the way the Black family does."

V half-heartedly nodded her head saying, "Sure."

They walked up another flight of stairs, passing portraits which eyed V spitefully as she passed before reaching a door with a note on it.

"Master Sirius has tidied the room for you mistress, he tried to disband a few heirlooms but I did what I could to save them." Kreacher said, doing one final bow.

"Thank you Kreacher for being so helpful, it's quite late, you should get some rest too." V suggested.

"You are most gracious, mistress." Kreacher muttered before walking back down the stairs and disappearing into the darkness.

V turned back to the note on the door taking it cautiously before entering and reading it with the light of her floating candle.

Dear V,
I know this place seems dark and rather horrible but I hope that we can try clean it together and make it our temporary home. I would have given you the master bedroom however I thought that it would be most appropriate for my Hippogriff Buckbeak, who needs room to stretch his wings. Plus I thought it was a bit of a middle finger to my parents to put a hippogriff in their old room. This room however I thought was the next best thing and was the room my grandmother used to stay in when she stayed the night here. She wasn't much better than my parents when it came to the blood prejudice but she was definitely tasteful in her style so I was able to reuse a few of her and my mother's things. I put my own touches here and there just to lighten up the bedroom like the repainted walls.
I hope you like it, your father.
P.S. Happy sixth birthday!
P.P.S. There's something for you on top of the drawers.

V then decided to enter the room, with the door handle being one of the only things in the house which was polished. A smile grew across her face when she pushed open the door and saw the interior of the room. It had the same design and look to the other rooms, still being grand and Victorian however this room like her father had said was a lot brighter. It still had dark touches to it like V would have liked like the furniture but it wasn't exactly drowning in darkness.

V walked around the room, brushing her hands against the cream walls and then flopping onto her new bed which was much bigger and comfier then her one at the orphanage. She looked up at the headboard feeling grateful for her grandmother's fussy style and her dads redecorating skills.

She then remembered that her dad said there was something on her drawers for her so she got up and walked over to her drawers and found a jewellery box. She opened it up and found it was filled with many beautiful pieces of jewellery and a note.

Happy 7th birthday! These are all the valuable heirlooms from my family that isn't cursed or jinxed.

V laughed at the note, looking through the box finding many emerald pieces probably due to the family's Slytherin pride and many other valuable things like gold rings and even a pearl necklace. She felt overwhelmed at this point but also very tired. After trying on a snake ring and a dangly emerald earing V decided to get some sleep.

She flopped back onto the bed, slithering under the sheets before blowing out her candle. She fell asleep so happy that she seemed to forget any and all of her worries. Having a family seemed to do that for V.

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