Part one

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 My life sucks.

 But, I'm sure yours does too, in some ways. So I can't really complain. No, really I literally cannot complain. Or form the words to make it seem like I was complaining. Just facial expressions and gestures. Yeah, I'm May, or "Mute May" as people seem to call me. A girl who can't complain.

 My family never had me learn sign language because then they would have to learn sign language. Wow. Huge burden. It's fine though I mean, they feed me and buy me things so it's cool. We can write on paper if it's really important for me to deliver my message. But before you go on ranting about how I can get one of those...weird...speak machines I just wanna let you know up front. We're kinda, maybe, sorta poor.

 Despite my father working as a full-time Gym Leader, he struggles to keep our ship afloat. But it's no big deal..I mean like I said : can't complain.

Our street is quiet, I've got my own room, we have a working toilet, so...yeah.

 The only real problem is our neighbor...

 Brendan Birch.

 The "popular" boy at our school. Top grades. Top reputation. Top looks. Smooth with the girls, good with the numbers  and quite wealthy. Yet, he lives on my street...oh because of his father. The Professor. The only reason he lives so close to me is because of his fathers lab. I guess it's just in town.

 I never actually spoke to him, but even if I wanted to, I would be shoved in the trash can. Being the least popular person in my grade.

Let me just tell you this, everyone in my school is an Arbok who decides that they should all eat at tables depending on interests.

 And I'm a simple Rattata, trying to avoid them, but not being able to squeak out for help when they close in.


Hello my lovely sharks!!!!! My first AU fic! kinda lame but really fun! If you enjoyed the story please let me know so I can update! Love ya' Bye!  

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