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I open the door and immediately try to shut it once I see who it is, but the door is caught by Olivers foot.

"What's wrong honey? Don't want to see me?"


Oliver starts pushing harder on the door, with him being a well built man and me a tiny teenage girl, he won. I start to slowly back up when he finally opens my door. I start trembling in fear as he starts walking towards me. "Awe don't be afraid sweetheart all I want is a goodbye kiss."

What?! This guy is crazy, he's going to be my step dad soon! I keep slowly backing up but jump when I hit the wall. He chuckles while reaching his hands out to grab my waist, leaning close to press his lips against mine. Just when his lips are about to touch mine my lamp falls off my night stand and shatters, pieces landing all on Oliver but none on me. He hisses in pain and falls backwards and I jump over the glass while running past him into the bathroom locking the door. Mason appears in front of me and hugs me to his chest breathing hard.

"That was a close call." He whispers against the side of my head. I didn't even realize I was still shaking until Mason picked me up quietly murmuring in my ear. "It's okay, calm down baby. He's not going to touch you, you're fine." He sits on the toilet with me on his lap, rocking me back and forth while we listen to Oliver whine to my mom about the shards in his legs.

Serves you right for wearing shorts in the fall.

"How did so many shards get into his legs but none on me?" I say not even realizing I said it aloud. "I pushed the lamp off but shielded you.. and then I kinda... shoved some extra shards in his leg to make sure he left you alone." He says nervously.

"What did you shield me with?" I look up at him. He raises his bloody wing with a sheepish look on his face. I gasp standing up immediately checking his wound. "Mason! You shouldn't have done that!" I scold.

I go over to the cabinet below the sink and start rummaging through it. "What are you doing?" Mason inquires confused. I pull out the first aid kit and get out the supply's I need.

Walking in front of Mason even with him sitting and me standing our eyes are level. He's so big. I gently grab his wing and start pulling out shards of glass with tweezers. Mason just stares at me.

"You should never hurt yourself just to protect me." He stops my actions by holding my hands in his "but it's my job." His gold eyes shining with an emotion I can't quite decipher.

I give a sad smile and grab the alcohol. "This might sting a bit." He's still staring at me with an intense look on his face. I alcohol his wing, having a little bit of difficulty because of the feathers. Never once did he wince or brake his gaze.

I turn my head when I hear Oliver leave. Mason reaches up and cups my cheek with his hand. "How did I get so lucky?" I look at him in confusion. What on earth is he talking about?

He rubs his thumb across my cheek just gazing at me with parted lips. "Out of all the people in the world, I was assigned you. A-and that is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

I blush and lean my face more into his hand.


I inwardly cheer when the lunch bell rings, gathering my stuff as fast as possible. Mason holds my hand as I walk out of the classroom, down the hall. I get my food and sit down with Mason hugging my left arm, laying his head on my shoulder. I stifle a giggle feeling his ticklish curls against my neck.

Victor sits beside me with a smile to which I return. Mason wraps his arm around my waist instead of just my arm. He hasn't said so yet but I don't think Mason likes Victor. Every time he comes around Mason tightens his grip on me or he'll suggest we go somewhere else. He even growls quietly when Victor touches me.

"How's Clarke today?" Victor smiles down at me with his caramel eyes.

"I'm doing okay." I smile briefly before turning and shoveling
mac-n-cheese in my mouth. I hear Mason chuckle and feel him burry his face into my hair. I notice I can hear him when others can't, it's weird. But I like it.

Victor downs the rest of his coke then turns to me "So I was wondering if you wanted to come over today and hang out after school?" I think for a second before nodding. "Great." He smiles.


"Home sweet home." Victor sighs as we walk in the door. "What would you like to do? We have an Xbox, we have movies-" he's interrupted by a deep booming voice.

"Victor what did you do with the fl- oh hello Clarke." Victor's father smiles when he sees me. "Hello sir."

"Oh please, call me Dominique." He grins. I nod shyly and look down. "So what do you want to do?" Victor asks sticking his hands in his pockets.

"Oh I don't care, anything is fine with me." Augh I hate it that I'm so awkward but I can't help it, I'm just really shy. I mean what if I pick something he really doesn't want to do?

"Okay what about a movie?" He raises his eyebrows. "Sounds great to me."

Dominique steps over beside me. huh didn't realize he was still here. " yeah a movie sounds good." Victor looks at his father in a weird way. "Cmon the movie room is over here."

We walk down a hall into another room where there's a tv and a few couches. "What would you like to watch?" Victor squats down beside a bookshelf full of movies and looks up at me.

I sit down beside him "hmm I don't know, let's see what you have."

After a few minutes we decide on Jumanji. I sit in the middle of the couch right in front of the tv and Victor sits beside me flashing a smile.

We watch for a few minutes before Dominique comes in and sits on the other side of me. "Ah yes Jumanji, I love this one."


After watching the movie Victor brought me home. He seems really nice, he just doesn't seem to like Dylan for some reason.

I change into my pajamas in the bathroom and as soon as I come out, surprise surprise, Mason is right on me. He's about to wrap his arms around me but I have other ideas. I run causing him to have the funniest look on his face. I giggle running into my room and when I'm about to close the door he pushes his way through and picks me up causing me to giggle even more.

He throws me on the bed and starts tickling my stomach and all I can do is squeal.

After about half an hour of playing around we finally calm down. I'm laying on my back and Mason has his head on my chest with his arms wrapped around my waist like a sloth. I don't need a blanket because his wings cover my entire body and they are so warm.

"Goodnight Clarke." He whispers burying his face into my collar bone.

I kiss his forehead "Goodnight Ton-ton."

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