Twenty two.

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"What about your ex, huh? You kissed him! You didn''t even think about how I felt about that, did you?" He yells at me and I am taken back at his agressive tone, I have never seen him like this and as much as I want to yell at him I am on the verge of tears at the mentioning of Tyler.

"You kissed him and didn't even think about how I felt, Addison." He makes another jab at me and I feel sick. I didn't kiss Tyler, he kissed me. 

"Will you fucking-" He speaks but I cut him off.

"I didn't kiss him!" I yell and run my hands through my hair. His eyes get wide and I can feel him regretting all of this.

"I only said that because you told me you kissed another girl." I have a tear coming down my cheek and I try to hold it back but I am beyond pissed at everything.

"Good." He remarks.

"And why is that?"

He looks at me and I can tell he is in deep thinking. I can feel the lump in my throat forming bigger an bigger by the minute as I stare at him.

"Because I like you, Addison."


"Michael Christopher, if you don't send me that bear in the mail, I'm going to be super upset." I pout and watch him laugh at me.

"No way, I might have you now but I still want my teddy." He pouts back at me and I find it extremely cute the way his bottom lip pokes out.

"You have some of the most poutiest lips I have ever seen." I shake my head and smile at him.

"Do I now?" He remarks and swipes his tongue across his bottom lip looking dead at me.

"Will you stop?" I giggle and I go to move the hair out of my face but quickly drop it knowing if I let him see me I will be in huge shit.

"What's wrong?" He gets serious and looks at me.

"Nothing, I was just thinking... about how it's really late and I need sleep." I try to cover up my act, and he goes along with it.

"Alright, goodnight my love." He says and I want to break down.

I can't hide this any longer.

"Goodnight, Mike." I give a small smile and close my laptop.


"Why must I go to sleep alone?" He looks deep into my eyes.

"Because, you happen to live in California and I live in Texas." I point out the obvious but feel a sharp pain in my chest realizing I might not ever get to be with him.

"I hope that will change one day." I add making his frown turn into a bit of a smile.

"I hope so too, Addi." He gives me his heart warming smile and I want to do nothing more than to kiss his head and hold him.


"Have you told Vic who I am?" I ask out of curiousity.

"My brother and I are very close, Addi." He says and I can't really tell if that is a yes or a no. He knows my facial expression all too well when he answers it for me, "Of course he does. He knew about you way before this."

I smile at the thought of him and his brother talking about me. I wonder what all has Mike told him. Probably that I'm some lunatic that keeps him throughout the afternoon and at night time.

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