Chapter 12

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•Amelia's POV•
I've always been good at hiding my emotions. I can control what I want to show just so other people can feel comfortable. I find selfish to bring down other people's moods or create awkward situation just because I feel the need to be bitchy. When I heard the word 'fiancé' I hid everything, just a polite smile on my face, even though my heart felt like someone decided to slice it wide open with the worlds dullest knife. The cute woman looked at me with a friendly smile.

"Hi! I'm Stephanie and who are you?" She seemed genuinely nice. I looked Damon and saw him with his fists curled up. "I'm Amelia, Mr. Blaine's personal assistant." My tone was strict and professional. "Nice to meet you!" I brought my attention back to Stephanie who had her hand out as I shook it. "I know he can be very picky." She giggled and I smiled back.

"If you don't mind me asking, how'd you guys meet? I love proposal stories. It's just. Adorable." My voice emphasized adorable and I saw Damon tense up from my glares. Before Stephanie could even begin, Kyle walked in and immediately, his smile faded.

"Never mind then. I will be heading off sir. Nice to meet you Stephanie." I smiled and began walking away, receiving weird looks from Kyle. I grabbed Kyle's arm and linked us together as we walked down the hallway.

"Okay you need to explain to me what the hell is going on with you and Damon, mostly you though!" We sat in the corner of a small diner as I stuffed my face with the biggest burger I could buy. "First of all, you quit work! Then you disappear and don't even call and then you were flirting with Damon and now you're here, looking bored as ever!" I chugged down my ice tea until Kyle finished his rant.

"Damon is engaged.." His mouth opened with a gasped expression. "But.. But you told me you two were.." As soon as I was able to contact Kyle, which was those boring weeks on bed rest, I told him all about our make out sessions, excluding the kidnapping parts, for obvious reasons.

"I swear to god if Damon wasn't my boss, I would've slapped him so hard that even his great grandmother could feel it." I felt better overtime while Kyle told me about his little flings he has with his secrets lovers. "You know what! Let's go out tonight. To a club specifically. I've been needing something strong to drink." I blurted out, quickly regretting the decision once I saw Kyle's eyes light up. "Were you reading my mind?"

"I'll meet you at 8?" We both exchanged meeting up plans as we left the diner. I took a taxi home, not wanting to be even near Damon's car. Once I got home, I took a long shower to wash the events of today. I knew for a fact Damon will be home very late tonight and that's perfect. It would be super easy to sneak out. I did my hair up in a messy French braid while my makeup was simple.

My outfit was all laid out. It was a backless dark red dress that stopped a little bit above my knees. The neck of the dress went a little bit too low for my liking and showed off my cleavage. I paired it along dark black pumps keeping my outfit simple. I looked at myself in the mirror, seeing slight scars from the horrible beating. My fingers trailed across them as memories flooded back. I shuddered at the thought.

"Keep it together Amelia! Tonight is the night of fun and drinking." I fixed up and left the house. Screw Damon and his tendencies to live isolated in the middle of nowhere. I hated the dark forest that surrounded us. I climbed into the taxi that was waiting for me and gave him directions to where I was meeting up Kyle. The ride was somewhat short as my thoughts trailed off to Damon and his Stephanie.

"'Miss? That would be $17.55." I paid the nice cab driver the money and left the car. There I saw Kyle leaning against a wall. I gave him one of those whistles making him glance up. "Damn Kyle, if you weren't gay, I would totally go for you." He was wearing a black v neck along with dark blue jeans. His light brown hair slicked back giving him a bad boy look. "Damn look at you girly, looking sexy as ever!" I gave him a fake hair flip.

"Now let's go in." He linked our arms together again, a habit we both picked up. The line up was long but Kyle proceeded to walk up to the bouncer. I saw the bouncer glance at Kyle with an awkward look. He was well over 6'5 and had the most muscular body I've ever seen. Anyone would be scared to even look at him, no wonder he's the bouncer. Kyle tip toed a bit and whispered in his ear. I noticed the bouncer turn red and clumsily open the door to the club. Kyle gave him a wink and walked off.

"You're fucking the bouncer?!" Kyle looked at me with cocky smirk. "How else do you think we can get in here, plus he's good in bed." I laugh at his remarks. The club was extremely crowded and scent of alcohol, sweat and a mixture of perfumes was all I smelt. The first thing I did was head to the bar. I needed something to get my mind off things. "Hey Mia, I'm gonna head to the dance floor, join me when your done drinking your problems away." He pat my head like a kid and disappeared into the crowd.

I ordered two shots of vodka and drank it straight up. The drink burned as it went down my throat and I turned around looking at the club. I got up after 10 minutes of being lazy and went to look for Kyle. The secluded hallway literally smelt like puke and I saw Kyle making out with some guy who was probably too old for him. I left him alone and headed back to the bar.

"2 more shots please." I rested my chin on my hands and glanced across from me. Across the club, in the Vip section, I saw a man sitting in a suit, along with girls sitting by his sides in bright coloured neon dresses. "Typical." I scoffed.

"Just another good looking playboy who wastes his fathers money.." His dark hair covered his forehead and his face look structured. He caught me looking but I didn't glance away. Maybe it was the shots or I was just feeling feisty today. I just needed to be wanted for a bit. I noticed him signal to his guards while keeping eye contact. I bit my lip anxiously. Moments later, the guard asked me to follow him and I complied. He led me towards the area where the mysterious man was sitting, now empty with just a bit of his buddies sitting aside. All in suits. Which was odd especially in this club.

"What's your name?" He took a sip From his drink casually. "Why do you want to know?" I asked innocently, but I felt a feeling of fire rise up. "Damn Amelia, where did all that confidence come from?" I questioned myself.

He stood up, much taller than I expected and walked towards me. "Lets go somewhere a little bit more private shall we?" His Italian accent was thick and he grabbed my hand and led me upstairs, which was even more excluded. He closed the door.

"So what is your name?" He asked while leaning against his table. "Amelia." My hands trailed the books along the shelf. "And you are?" I looked back at him and he was closer to me now. "Alexander.."

"Is this your office Alex?" My tone sounded a bit seductive. At this point I didn't care if I lost my virginity to a complete stranger, I just needed to fill the void left in my heart. "I own this club, baby girl." I smirked at his nickname. He attacked my neck, leaving small pecks as his hands trailed up my body. He bit at my neck, leaving small hickeys that are going to be noticeable. My hands brushed through his hair, messing it up. I placed my lips on his as he picked me up by my thighs. He brought me over and threw me on couch. He kissed me harshly, forcing a moan to escape my lips. My hands began taking off his shirt but stopped once a knock on the door interrupted us.

Alex groaned but didn't move from me. "Go away, I'm busy." He let out a frustrated sigh once the knock on the door was heard again. "Sir, Damon Blaine is here." My eyes widened as Alex got up, fixing himself up. I stood up pulling down my dress that went up and tried my best to fix my hair. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I need to leave.." I looked around for another exit. There was none.

The door opened and Damon walked in causally, but stopped once he saw me. "Ah Damon! Have you thought about my offer?" Alex asked but Damon kept his eyes on me. He walked towards me with the most threatening look ever.

"Amelia, come with me. Now."

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