Chapter 13

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Sitting in the car I was currently glaring at the back of Maliks head. Azreal had literally dumped me on my ass in the car, slammed the door and the car had speed off. We had barely crossed the pack border before we reached the cars. We have been driving for hours and Malik had said nothing no matter all the questions I had been pestering him with.

"Where the hell are we going now! I want to go back. You better turn this fucking car around right now!"I shouted at him.

The shit head didn't even move. I leaned forward in between the front seats. I glared at him but he didn't even look at me. So I poked him right in the cheek. Nothing. I poked him again. Nothing. I continued to poke him till he grabbed my hand. He put pressure on it not enough to make it hurt but I wasn't able to pull it away.

"Ma'am." he said

"Just fucking answer my questions you already kidnapped me once do we really have to do this again. I know you probably taking me to the dark pack. But how long will it take, and where the fucking hell is Azreal?" I huffed trying to pull my hand away.

He let out a long sigh and let go of my hand. "We are about seven hours away from the border, Alpha is in the car behind us."

"Why didn't you just say that an hour ago?"

He gave me no response. So I slung my leg up over the seat and pulled myself into the passenger seat. I flopped down and looked at him. He raised a brow at me but said nothing.

"I need a favor."

He just grunted but at least he answered me this time... we'll kind of.

"Tell me more about Azreal his family. His parents, what he was like growing up. Basically give me all the dirt you've got."

"The dirt ma'am?" He said with a small smirk 

"Are you smiling Malik?" 

"Of course not ma'am"

"Muhm just tell me what you know about Azreal."

"He's Alpha there's not much more to know."

"Your telling me you don't know anything else about him at all?" 

"They aren't my stories to tell." 

"Oh come on. Why is he so dark and moody all the time. I mean seriously who pissed in his cheereos?

"He hasn't had an easy life ma'am. He's lost a lot  and been through much more." 

"What happened?" I asked turning to him more serious now. 

"You will have to talk to him about that. Now you might want to get some rest ma'am we still have a long way to go." he said. 

I started to protest but I knew I wouldn't get anywhere. Do I even really want to know about Azreal's past? Why should I care about what hes dealt with. He has murdered people and even though he claims not to have killed my parents how do I know he isn't lying. The only constant I have had in my life has been Ian. I have decided who I am going to be with. But I don't want to let anyone get hurt. Whether I except him or not if he died my soul would literally be shattered. That's what I will do then. I will warn him of the attack and then go home. Go back to Ian my true mate. 


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