The dirt road wasn't as smooth as it looked

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The dirt road wasn't as smooth as it looked. The Crapmobile bounced Elizabeth around, rocking her to and fro as Reuben guided them deeper through the woods.

Regardless of the of continuously knocking her elbow against the truck door, Elizabeth couldn't help but enjoy the scenery. Light filtered through the canopy of leaves casting rays down on the foliage below. It was the sort of place Elizabeth imagined as a kid. The setting to those fairytales that Adelaide used to read to her at night.

The rough ride came to a stop when they had spotted water. The calm surface reflecting the rolling landscape around it like a mirror.

"This looks like a good spot," Reuben said, parking on the edge of the small clearing. "There's even a place for a small fire ready to go."

Elizabeth slid out of the truck, her flip-flops meeting the rocky surface. She had never been somewhere so green. It was pure and untouched – very different to the structured cities she was used to.

"How's this for your first time camping?" Reuben said, coming up beside Elizabeth who stood on the edge of the lake.

The fresh water lapped against her bare toes. "Better than I was initially expecting."

"Well that's good, just don't raise your expectations any higher."

Elizabeth blinked at Reuben's retreating back. He had slipped on a light plaid flannel earlier that afternoon and she couldn't help but admire how the material moved with his shoulders.

"Why not?"

"There's no room service out in the wilderness." Even though he didn't turn around Elizabeth could sense the dimple indented in his cheek. "Now let's get moving, we have a few things to do before it gets dark."

"Like what? It's not like we have a tent to set up or anything."

"You want to eat, don't you?"

Elizabeth shadowed him back to the truck. "Don't we have more of those snacky things?"

"We did..." Reuben twisted to raise a brow at her. "Until someone ate them all."

Warmth spread through Elizabeth's face when Reuben opened the passenger side door. A pile of empty wrappers littered the cloth seats – one tumbling to the dirt below.

Elizabeth's jaw unhinged. "So we have no food?"


"Well," Elizabeth went to reach for the map in the dashboard. "Can't we go out and buy some?"

"Sure, do you happen to know where we are? Maybe you can direct me to the nearest grocery store."

Elizabeth's eye twitched at Reuben's use of sarcasm. "Then what do you suggest we do?"

"We're going fishing."

"Fishing?" A cloud of disbelief appeared over Elizabeth's head. "We didn't buy any fishing rods."

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