Chapter 35

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I wasn't sure how sore it was going to be. This was my first tattoo so I had no experience with them but surely they can't be that painful right?

"I know that look babe and trust me it'll be over before you even find it painful. It's only a little B. Now have you decided where you want it?" He asked as he began to bring out his equipment.

"Where do they usually go?" I asked having no idea whatsoever where I wanted it.

Chuckling he shook his head and placed his tattoo gun on a sterile tray. "It can go anywhere you want it to go. Back in the day old lady's usually got it across their lower back".

Like a tramp stamp?!

"And by the look on your face I'm guessing that ain't going to happen?. Listen baby you're only getting my initial so it would be best to have it somewhere it isn't going to look stupid".

"What if I want your full name?" I asked watching his eyes light up. Yeah I kinda thought I may as well go all out and get the full thing. "But I have one condition" I didn't know how he was going to react to this.

"Name it" He grinned

"If I get your full name I get it as Sean not Blaze" And just as I expected the smile vanished from his face his lips thinning into a hard line.

"Babe you know how much this means to me but I can't tattoo that onto your body. I'll take the small B over that any day".

He had a point. He wasn't known as Sean, to everyone he was Blaze and why should I make him put something on me that would technically mean nothing.

"You're right" I smiled "I think I have the perfect place for that little B to go".

"Are you sure you're okay with this? I get that you wanted my real name but sweets 'Blaze' is really all I've ever been called". He had everything set up down to the black sterile gloves on his hands.

"Yes I'm fine with it. Now about where I want to put it" I grinned

"And where's that?" He asked his lips pulling up into a smirk. Holy shit I couldn't wait for these casts to come off. Fair to say little shy Ava was getting frustrated.

"Right here" I whispered holding up my left hand and pointing to my ring finger.

"Perfect, now get that little ass over here so I can officially make you mine".


"Like it?" He asked placing his tattoo gun down and removing his gloves.

I couldn't stop staring at it. Yes it was only a letter and it was small but it was perfect.

"I love it" I grinned "I never thought I'd ever get a tattoo never mind a guys initial but I'm so happy with it. Thank you".

"No baby thank you" He said getting to his feet and walking to where I was. Kneeling down to my level he took my hand in his. "I never thought you'd get it done I know how much you were against it but know this Ava you have no idea how much it means to me in here" He whispered placing my hand over his heart. "It's a big deal in our world for an old lady to get that. Now every little punk that visits here will know you're mine when they clock that" Smirking he gently pulled me to my feet.

Rolling my eyes I placed my hands against his chest "Everyone already knows I'm yours and I mean everyone. Not being big headed or anything but I'm hot and no one even looks at me anymore or checks me out I mean".......Not being able to hold it in any longer I burst out laughing at the way his facial expressions changed so quickly. "I'm kidding" I whispered sneaking my hand inside his cut and placing it over his heart.

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