Chapter 6 Coming Back

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Sting's POV

Finally after 4 years Loki and I are going home. Well for me only 3 years. We were send different school for some reason. I was send to Sabertooth middle school while Loki was send on Celestial High for his 1st year of high school. Lucy and Wendy were send to Fairy Tail Middle School.

Before we were all in the same school, but mom and dad decided to split us up because they wanted to see how we did without each other or something like that.

My bestfriend Rouge and Yukino came with me. When we were on the airport we meet up with Loki and a girl with fluffy pink hair. She looks familiar. She keep hiding behind him and when we asked her her name she whispered it. I couldn't catch her name. And I have excellent hearing. "Hey Loki who is that" I asked Loki pointing at the pink haired girl.

"Her name is Aries. My girlfriend" Loki said turning his head so he can look at Aries. "Another one" I heard Rouge mumble. I raised my eyebrow at her. My brother had been dating a lot of girls even when we were in Fairy Tail. I was not surprised he had another girlfriend. What actually surprised me was why he chose her. I mean he doesn't usually go for shy girls.

I didn't question him and all of us keep walking. We were already in Japan we were just waiting for the limo that was supposed to pick us up. I sat down next to Loki and was going to talk to him. My eyes widen as I watch Loki softly talk to Aries. This is the first time I actually seen him talk softly to a girl instead of flirting.

I turn to look at Yukino and see that she is surprised as I am. I always known Loki as a playboy. Can you believe he even practice his flirting with Lucy when we were little. Maybe Loki did change. But did he really change? Finally after 10 minutes the limo was already here. I went outside and enter the limo with Rouge, Yukino, Aries and Loki.

We were talking all the way to my house. We keep talking about random things. I asked him how he was doing. What has he been doing with his life. And various things. Yukino was trying to talk to Aries. I saw that she only said a few things and was always close to Loki. Finally after a long time we were finally home.

I smile at this. I wonder how much Lucy and Wendy have change. And what about her other friends? I exit the limo and go to the front door of the house. Someone opens the door and greets me and my brother. "Sting and Loki welcome home" said a maid who I recognize. "Virgo how you been" I asked her cheerfully.

"I have been good. Your parents are waiting for you. They are in their office" Virgo said as she gave us a smile. I nodded and entered the house. It hasn't change a bit. I see that everyone is still here. And some new people have come. I walked towards my parent's office. Yukino, Rouge and Aries were following me and Loki.

I open the door and my mom and dad were inside. My mom immediately hugs Loki and I. "You're finally here" mom said after she hugs us. It wasn't my dad's way to hug, but he at least gave us a smile. "Rouge you're here too" mom finally noticing Rouge and Yukino. Rouge nodded and gave her a small smile.

"And you are....." mom asked Yukino. "I'm Yukino. Yukino Agria (I'm so sorry if I spell it wrong. Please tell me the correct way to spell it and I will change it. Thanks)" Yukino said giving mom a sweet smile. "Wait. Aguria. As in one of the 10 top companies in the world? Why didn't you said so sooner my dear. I am please to meet you. Please have a seat" My mom with a bright smile.

Yukino only smiled and sat on the chair. "Mom, this is Aries my girlfriend" Loki said as moved to the side to show Aries. "Oh. Really. I am very pleased to meet you. I hope he is not giving you too much problems" mom said glaring at Loki. "He isn't. It's nice to meet you" Aries whispered with a small sweet smile. Just then Lucy and her friends barged into the office.

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