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"Rise and shine, pork chop!"

I popped open my eyes, searching for the voice that insulted me. As soon as I saw Jae-won, an instant displeasure washed over me and I flipped over. Instead of listening to him as he commanded me to wake up, I tightly closed my eyes and wished he was gone.

"Get up, fatty!" He called again, pushing my shoulder harshly as he shook me. "We gotta go!"

"No," I whined, moving away from his touch. "It's Sunday, let me sleep in." My legs curled around the blankets and I huddled into a ball for warmth.

Jae sighed. "We have to leave tomorrow. We have one day to ride the roller coasters!"

It was early morning and my mood was not seeming to rise. The more he talked to me, the more irritated I became. Words of nonsense were starting to spew from my mouth and I had no control. "Loose the accent you tard-nugget."

"What?" He took a moment to register my demand, but came up with nothing and repeated himself.

Aimlessly, I threw my arm back to hit him so he would leave. "Go away! Go practice English or something, you talk annoyingly."

He laughed instead. "You're so cute, Lilla. But get up!"

I huffed out my aggravation. "No! Be gone, peasant!" Rolling away from him, I laid on the farthest end of my mattress with the blankets wrapped around my waist. "It is too early for any physical movement."

"Did you not just roll? That's moving."

I let him stay silent for a moment so he could register his idiotic words before I said anything back. When he didn't seen to have any remorse, I sat up in my position and glared at him. "I will bite you."

Jae-won smiled brightly at me, despite my threat and reached out to brush back my hair. "You can bite me later. After you get dressed."

I eyed him skeptically, not taking my focus of his grey-blue baseball cap and camo-green fanny pack. He even had tan shorts with high socks and black tennis shoes. Black pieces of hair stuck out from underneath his cap. Overral, he looked stupid.

"Why on earth do you look like a tourist?"

He frowned, standing up to his full height to look down on me. "Because I can't live on Mars?" He seemed confused from my question.

I sighed, rubbing my face and stretching out. "You look dumb, Jae. Like my dad would be when visiting Korea: Dumb." Although I was concerned of his outfit, my mind started to drift off to more important things the longer my brain took to fully wake. "Hey, what time is it?"


I made a face a his response, moving so that I could check my phone. "How can it be-?" My phone clicked on, showing the exact time he had stated. "Did I sleep through dinner?"

Jae didn't look at me as he responded, distracting himself with putting on sunblock. "Yeah, you didn't want dinner so I just ordered room service."

"Oh?" I checked the room for any evidence but I was left empty. "Mom always said room service is expensive." Getting off of the mattress, I headed towards my bag that seemed to have floated across the room and landed next to Jae's. 

"I guess." He placed the sunblock in his pouch that hung from his hips. "It isn't like Mc Donald's but it isn't as much as the room had cost."

I nodded. "That's a given." I glanced at the large bed that he had slept on. "Are you rich or something? You can afford this hotel room, room service, and that car of yours."

He shrugged at my question. "You can say that. I'm not exactly rich." Instead of continuing with the conversation, he headed for the bathroom and locked himself in there.

At first, I was fine with his leave, but I soon realized it was a big mistake. "Wait! Where am I suppose to change?!" My head turned to every corner of  the room to find another place I could have privacy.

"Just do it out there," He mumbled.

I bit my lip, having doubts, but soon I had quickly changed into my clothes and got myself ready for the day. By time I was finished, Jae left the bathroom and was heading out of the room.

"Do you even know where Cedar Point is?" I questioned, thinking of the big park full of roller coasters we were about to visit. I followed him out of the hotel and towards his rental car that we were using for the day.

He stopped. Glancing to each side of the road, he pointed to the left. "That way!" He squinted his eyes as he tried to see with the sun in his face.

I, too, looked in the same direction. "How are you sure? Your glasses are in the car," I argued, my doubt beginning to increase. We continued to walk towards the vehicle, but my steps were heavier than before.

"Don't worry," he reassures me. "The internet says that if you are facing the Cedar Point hotel, the park is to your right."

"So you interpreted that it would be the left?" I finished. When the information sunk in, I had to quickly turn around to see the name of the hotel we stayed at. "We stayed at the Cedar Point Hotel?!"

Jae got into the vehicle quickly, as well as myself. "Yes, we did. All alone, in one room."

I rolled my eyes. "With two beds. Large space in between us," I reminded him. I buckled my seat belt and waited for him to drive, my mind already wandering to what we would be doing in a few minutes. I could already guarantee myself that I would regret everything for the next few hours.

"Are you afraid of heights?" Jae asked as we pulled into the parking lot. Not many spots were filled so it was easy for us to park, even with our front pass. He glanced at me the moment the car stopped.

"No but I'm afraid of drops, fast moments, and loops," I respond. My eyed met his for a second, causing me to fake a smile. "But not heights, no."

He grinned at me. "Then we won't have any worries. Let's go! I wanna try everything here before too many people come."

I was about to get out of the car when my stomach gurgled, causing me to sit back. "Wait, what about food?" I was reminded that I had skipped a meal last night, and skipping another so close to my last was not smart. Even if I wasn't hungry, it would be better for me to eat.

Jae looked puzzled. "Food?"

"Yeah, you know? Something you eat?"

He processed my words for a moment before he reached for the glove compartment, pulling out a plastic bag full of Belveta crackers. "Here. Don't eat too much or you'll get sick."


가슴은 뛰고 있어
여전히 널 보고 있어
자꾸만 숨이 막혀서

아직은 멀리에서
너를 지켜보고 싶어
내가 또 왜 이러는지

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