Chapter 8: What is wrong with me?

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Hi, here is Chapter 8, I hope you like it ^u^!

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Auctioned Hearts 8

I walked over to where Demyan was lounging on my two-person couch.

Why is saying ‘Love seat’ so awkward? Isn ’t that what it’s called? I want to hunt down the person who named it a love seat and just ask why, and then rant on how awkward that name is for a frickin ’ couch!

I snapped out of my inner rant as Demyan pulled me closer. Wearing a smirk, he pulled me next to him on the couch; I didn’t realize this until I felt his arm wrapped around me and squeeze my side.


I screeched hopping over to the opposite side of the couch glaring at him. My whole body rigid with defense. Demyan put his elbow on his knee and placed his head in his hand his moss green eyes peering at me curiously. I had to look away or his beautiful eyes would intoxicate me. Even though he was a total butt, I had to admit that he was pretty handsome; but unlike other girls I’m not going to go fling myself off a cliff for him. No guy was worth that much.

“What are you thinking about?”

I heard a deep voice smooth as velvet hum over to me.


I trailed off after the typical excuse.

Demyan was now next to me, he studied me quietly for a moment, a smirk playing on his full lips as his emerald green eyes narrowed skeptically.


He pondered.

“I think your lying…”

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow trying hard not to fall for his high cheek-boned, smoldering green orbed appeal. I smirked at him mischievously deciding to not push him away for once….just to see how he would react.

“And what if I am Demyan?”

I whispered so sweetly to him, leaning in close to his ear.

“What. Are. You. Going. To. Do. About. It?”

I breathed to him, my hot breath tickling his ear. His smirk grew as wide and mischievous as I had ever seen it, his green eyes now twinkling with intrigue.

Oh, Chenoa! What did you do now!?

I mentally face palmed knowing that I had just provoked the beast. Demyan in his deep, raspy tone 'tsked' at me before leaning in closer so that our noses were practically touching. If I thought his eyes were beautiful before, man was I wrong because up close they were astounding! Breathtaking! A million shades of green swirled in every which direction with highlights of blue and a gold tone scattered lightly in the twists and turns of the emerald swirls. His aroma intoxicated me, and I forgot for that moment how to breathe, mostly in anticipation for the next moment to come. Demyan trailed his lips across my jawbone and then stopped at my ear.

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