Chapter 22 ~ Johnny

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Me and the guys are having a blast at Carson's party, but I decide to see if I can find Kenzie, as I hear a slow song come on. Then I see Lauren looking frantically for something.

"Lauren, you okay?" I ask, pulling her to the side of the room.

"No," she says, starting to calm down, "I can't find Hayden!"

"I can't find Kenzie either," I say quietly, thinking about what could happen if they're missing together.

"She said she went back to your room I think," Lauren mutters.

"Wanna come find her with me?" I ask.

"Yeah," Lauren says, making her way to the staircase.

When we enter the hallway with two of the bedrooms, including Kenzie and I's, I can hear some talking. As we get closer I recognise the voices.

"What about Lauren?" We hear a voice say, Kenzie's voice. Lauren holds her breath.

"F*ck Lauren," says another voice, Hayden's, "You're so much hotter,"

Me and Lauren turn to each other, tears in our eyes.

"I can't believe they would both cheat, with each other," she says, her voice trembling.

"Hayden, please stop!" I hear Kenzie cry. She doesn't want this, he's doing this to her.

"Lauren," I whisper, "I think Hayden's doing this to her, she doesn't want it,"

"No," I hear Hayden grunt, from inside the bedroom.

Kenzie screams, and I want to fling the door open, but Lauren stops me.

"Hayden please, you don't want to do this," I hear Kenzie plead. I want to cry, but no tears come out.

"Admit it, you like this," Hayden says, I don't want to imagine what he's doing to her.

"NO! Hayden stop, you're hurting me!" Kenzie screams, and I can't take it anymore, he's hurting her, she needs me.

I fling the door open and me and Lauren burst into tears.

"What are you doing here?!" Hayden screams, getting off Kenzie.

"GET OUT!" I scream, rushing to Kenzie, who's in shock. Lauren grabs her clothes, as Hayden gets his and leaves. Just as he goes out the door, Lauren screams at him,

"We're over if that wasn't already obvious!"

"So is our friendship!" I scream.

We turn back to Mackenzie, who is dressed now, but shaking.

"I-I'm sorry," she stutters.

Me and Lauren crawl on to the bed next to her and she snuggles into me, and I stroke her hair, as Lauren massages her back.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, this wasn't your fault," I repeat until she falls asleep in my arms.

"I better be going home," Lauren whispers, "and Johnny, I'm so sorry for you, and for her,"

"It's okay, you lost your boyfriend, anyways I'm sure Carson won't mind you staying in the room next to ours, I don't want you going home like this,"

"Thanks," she says, smiling weakly and leaving the room.

I cuddle back into Mackenzie, and drift off to sleep.

~Next Morning~

Mackenzie woke up screaming in the night 3 times, so I didn't sleep at all.

"You up?" I hear Mackenzie whisper.

"I've been up all night,"

"Oh," she sighs, "my fault I guess,"

"No, Mackenzie, it was Hayden's fault! You didn't do anything wrong," I wrap my arms around her, but she shrugs me off.

"Johnny you weren't there!" She cries.

"Me and Lauren heard from outside,"

"Why didn't you come in and help?" She looks at me with tears in her eyes, it kills me.

"I-I tried," I stutter.

"No you didn't! He raped me and you didn't do anything!" She cries.

"Mackenzie please! Listen to me!"

"No Johnny, I'm tired of this, get lost," she sighs.


"I said get lost!" She screams, "Go home to your perfect family!"

I turn and leave, there's no point in arguing. I just hope she comes around, else I've just lost the most beautiful, amazing, creative, intelligent girl ever.

I need Lauren right now, she'll be able to help.

I go through to the other room, where she's sitting on her bed.

"I heard your conversation Johnny, leave it. I ain't helping you this time, do something for yourself," she says not even looking up from her phone.

I'm screwed.

Mackenzie's acting like she hates me.

My sister is too.

And my "best friend" raped my girlfriend.

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