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Shade's Point of View


I cried harder as images of my son lying in the ground flashed into my mind. All was lost now that my wife and son were dead. I had no reason to live. Each time one of my loved ones died, it was always the follower of Philip's fault. My wife had been torn to shreds on this very land and then my son turns up dead. 

I felt Axel's hand fall on my shoulder. "Shade, please," he begged. I growled and slapped him hard across his face. Philip growled along with his two sons but i didn't care. I would never care about anything ever again. 

"You will not take this out on him!" Zane seethed. "This is my fault and-"

"Shut the fuck up! It's my fault!" Zane's mate, Jessie, yelled. A man that looked just like Jessie tensed at his language and then shot him a glare. I could tell he was his father by the way he was looking at him. Why does he get to have family and a mate while my son is in the ground? Why does he deserve to smile and laugh? What makes him so special?

I stood up, wiping my tears. I gave Axel a look that said every bit of hate filled feelings I had toward him and then walked away. My body was tense as I walked through the ballroom doors. The feeling of loss crippled me, but I still managed to walk. No destination was set other than away. I needed to be away from that murdering family. Away from this pack. Away from- 

My mind snapped off when my eyes landed on a still body laying on the floor down the hall. With a sick feeling in my belly, I walked forward only to run when I recognized Black's midnight hair. I fell onto my knees beside him and looked him over. 

Blood poured out of his nose and mouth. Cut's littered his face and his arms were bruised. Everything on him looked so...broken. I don't know why-I can't explain it even if I tried- but a protective feeling snaked it's way around my heart. My wolf wanted to sniff out whoever did this and rip them into pieces. Ity bity damn pieces. 

"Black?" I whispered. He didn't even move. I grabbed a hold of his face and brought it close to me. I looked over his attractive face. He looked like he was in so much pain. "Black?" I tried again. He groaned and relief pumped through my body. "Hey, Blackberry."

"Stop callin' me that, grandpa," he hissed through clenched teeth. His blue eyes opened slowly and everything seemed so different...or maybe not. When I had first met Black, I had automatically hated him because my wolf had clawed my chest for him. He wanted to be so close to him but I had been mated. And I am straight. Nothing seemed right so i had decided my wolf was going crazy and stuck with hating him until everything went down in my family. 

I snapped back to the present when a haggled cough erupted out of his broken lips. I frowned and pulled him up against me so he was in my lap. "What happened to you, Blackberry?" His body froze in my arms. I watched his eyes flutter closed. "Black?"

"I fell down the stairs and tried to get back to my room when I passed out," he said. I didn't believe him for one second but the way he was looking told me to drop it. He tried to move out of my arms but his broken body wouldn't allow him. He groaned loud and gave me a helpless look that made my heart pound against my heart even harder. 

"Could you help me into the room?" he asked with much disdain. I gave him a half smile and pushed him out of my lap as carefully as I could. He still groaned in pain and that made feel even worst. I hovered over him and slowly pulled him back into my arms and began to lift. He bit his lip as his bones popped. 

"Please tell me what happened," I pleaded. He shook his head and let it fall to the side so he wouldn't have to meet my begging eyes. I sighed and carried him to his bed. I set him down and he rolled onto his stomach and took a shaky breath.

"You can go," he said. 

"Too bad I'm not, right?" He sighed and I bit my lip to stop the smile. I got up off the bed and walked over to dresser. I picked up a bottle of peroxide, some wipes, and bandage. I would say "falling down the stairs" happened a lot with him. I walked back to the bed and tapped his shoulder.

"What?" he said. 

"Turn over." He did as I said and glared at me. I gave him a smile and then poured some of the peroxide on the wipe. He looked up at me with a confused look. I met his stare as I brought the wipe down onto one of the cuts. He flinched but didn't look away from me. 

"Are you going to tell me?" I asked. 

"I can't." 

"And why not?" I wiped another cut and he flinched again. 

"I deserve it...." I froze and looked down at his eyes instead of the cut. 

"Black, you don't deserve this," I whispered. "No one does." 

"I do. Now leave." He pushed my hand away but i grabbed his wrist and then forced him to look at me with the other hand. He looked close to tears, I noticed. 

"Whatever you did can't be bad enough that you have to get beat like this." 

He shook his head and looked away. I snatched his head back toward mine and cupped the side of his face. My wolf whimpered inside of my chest when he thought about Black thinking he deserved this. No one deserved anything like this. 

"Stop, Shade," he said. I shook my head not understanding. "You care. Stop before they hurt you, too."

That made me mad. "Who, Black?"

"People, Shade." I ignored him and went down to his tore up shirt. I snatched it off and stopped suddenly when I heard Black moan. I slowly looked up his muscular body until I got to his eyes. He looked down at me with hooded eyes and his lip between teeth. 

"Did you just moan?" I asked in a voice lower than I would usually speak. 

His face turned pink. "I didn't mean to. You just...ripped it off so suddenly." My body reacted to his pinkening cheeks. 

"And you liked that?" I asked as I climbed back up the bed toward him. I felt my wolf taking a hold of my mind as I hovered over him. "Did you?"

He swallowed. "...yes.." I dipped my face down so it was close to his. "Shade, stop." 

"You really want me to?" I looked into his beautiful, blue eyes with lust in my yellow ones. All rational thoughts were out the window. I knew what I was doing was not me, but I couldn't seem to care. 

"" he breathed. I leaned down toward his mouth and almost hit my mark when he pushed me onto my back and held a knife to my throat. "No. You need to leave now." I shook my head, clearing it. I pushed him away from me and winced when he yelped in pain. 

"You can't have me, Black." I walked out of the room with a head ache. What is happening to me?


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