suffer of the silenced part 1- complete

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I use to have an amazing family; one of the apple pie, all American families with the white picket fence. When I was about nine, my mother and father started fighting. Once my father got mad, he turned violent. He threw things, even hit my mom; then he started hitting me and my sister, Kris.

It was seriously over night that they started fighting. They went to bed laughing and holding hands, kissing each other when Kris and I weren't looking.

The next morning it was like the Cold War at our breakfast table. They refused to look at each other and no one spoke. When I got home they were yelling.

"Get out! Don't stay here any longer if you want to leave! Go!" My mother had gotten close to him and was poking him in the chest, waving her hands around frantically for emphasis.

"Tanya, please. Just stop. I still love you! I still love the girls; don't make me go, please." My father begged.

Why was my mom making him leave? What could he have done that was that bad?

"NO YOU DON'T!" My mother was yelling again. Tears welled up in her eyes, threatening to spill over. "You love her! Not me, not Lillian, not Kris! HER! How could you betray us? I thought you would always love me, you said you would!"

"I didn't betray you! And I still do love you." My father tried to grab her hand but she smacked it away.

"Don't touch me." My mother said in an ice cold tone.

My father just stared at her. Confusion then anger crossed his face.

"Just go back to your tramp!" My mother pushed him hard in the chest, making him stumble back a couple of steps.

His hand moved so fast that I didn't see them, but I heard it, and then heard my mother scream. Her jaw had dropped and she was breathing heavily. She dropped her hand and I saw the large, red handprint he had left on her face.

She stormed out of the room, returning a moment later with a large armload of his clothes. She marched to the front door, breezing by without even noticing me, and tossed them into the front yard.

My father ran into the room, grabbing her arm and spun her around. "You Bitch!" He yelled as he shook her violently. He pushed her out the front door. "Go pick up my clothes. NOW!" He gave her another hard shove and she fell.

Tears were falling from her eyes now. She walked with her head bowed and picked up everything she had thrown and came back inside.

She didn't look as anyone as she walked to their bedroom and placed everything where it had originally been.

My father was mumbling to himself and pacing back and forth. He stopped once my mother came back into the kitchen. "Maybe it would be best if I stayed with my mother for a while." Was all she said.

"You aren't going anywhere. Do you hear me? You are staying here.!" He roared.

"But, I do think it would benefit both of us if I left for just a couple days and-" My father jumped on my mother, hitting her again and again.

"You. Aren't. Going. Anywhere." He managed to get out between each blow.

I ran over to them and tugged on his arm. "Daddy! Daddy, please, please stop!" I cried out. He looked up for the first time.

He gave me a look of disgust and pushed me down as if I was nothing more than an annoying, yapping dog.

"Lillian. Leave me and your mother alone. You wouldn't want to get hurt now would you?" He asked me.

"Lillian. Please go upstairs, dear." My mother choked out. When she opened her mouth I could see blood staining her teeth, filling her mouth more each second.

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