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valentina_rivera: me and my new housemate👊

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valentina_rivera: me and my new housemate👊

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username1: yass! i've been waiting for a sebantina selfie forEVER !!!

username2: omg they live together, can you hear me sobbing?

username3: #sebantina

username4: date

elizabetholsenofficial: seb looks so impressed with you

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial tbh this is seb running on like 3 hours of sleep because he was on nighttime duty last night😇

robertdowneyjr: i think this calls for an apartment warming party? mostly because i want to see the little guy again

valentina_rivera: robertdowneyjr you know you're more than welcome at ours any time! same goes for the others, of course! you know, just as long as it isn't between the hours of 8pm and 8am. we need those twelve hours to refuel😂

garcia_s: in which case, i'm outside your door

imsebastianstan: garcia_s we're not surprised 


i've had so many manips ready to go since like the beginning of this fic and FINALLY i can start using them!!!

this is like the worst of the bunch tho, #sorry


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