Forty-Nine; Real Life

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"You should move in."

         Val winced, looking away from Seb and down to their sleeping son. She hadn't meant to just blurt it out. In fact, she'd planned on asking him later that night when they had dinner — together, as they had done every night since she and Diego had been released from the hospital. She'd been thinking about asking him to move in since she was six months pregnant, and he'd began to spend more time at her place. There was already a drawer of his stuff here — had been since roughly that time —, and it wasn't like he didn't spend most of his time here anyway. More so now that the baby was born.

         It made sense, didn't it? For the three of them to live together under the same roof, at least for the first year or so. And it wasn't like Seb hadn't practically moved in here already. The only time he ever went home was to grab clean clothes, and even then he was gone for less than an hour. Always came back to spend the rest of his time with Val and Diego. She had the room; didn't mind sharing her bed with him if it meant that Diego had both of his parents living under the same roof. It made sense.

         "Are you sure?" Seb asked, stepping further into the living room, his hair dripping with water from the shower he'd just taken.

         "I'm more than sure, Seb," she responded, "I've been thinking about it for a few months, now. We— it's not like it'll be any different from how it is now." She shrugged. "It just means you won't have to go back there to check your mail or to grab clean clothes. There's plenty of room here for the three of us, you know that."

          "Alright then." He smiled. "I'll move in with you— the both of you." He nodded down at the baby, at their son


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