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valentina_rivera: Very tired Momma Nug of a very vocal Baby Nug here

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valentina_rivera: Very tired Momma Nug of a very vocal Baby Nug here. I'd like to introduce you all to Diego Emanuel Stan, son of Valentina Rivera (obviously) and Sebastian Stan. Only one month old, and already he has impacted our lives in a way we could never have imagined💙

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username1: i'm sobbing

username2: yes!!! i knew seb was going to be the dad! i just knew it!

username3: username2 yesterday you said that you were '100% sure it was going to be chris'

username2: username3 lAURA JUST LET ME LIVE

imsebastianstan: 💙

username4: nope, no way

username4: there is no way sebastian stan is a father

username5: hahaha this is a joke, right?

elizabetholsenofficial: 💙

username6: he's so precious, oml !!!!

mama_rivera: my beautiful grandbaby💙

username7: genuinely do not believe that seb is the dad

imsebastianstan: username7 well, you better start believing

willventuri: my godson💙

robertdowneyjr: the most adorable baby i've seen this year so far

scarjo: i never thought seb would make something so cute

renner4real: congrats, sebantina!

yaelgrobglas: congratulations val! he's beautiful !


diego emanuel stan is literally the most loved baby ever

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