Forty-Seven; Real Life

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"Oh my god," Stefanie said as she entered the hospital room, her eyes immediately zoning in on the baby cradled in Sebastian's arm. "He's— he's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

         "Do you want to hold him?" Valentina asked, smiling up at her friend, her eyes watering ever so slightly— like they had been constantly since the baby was first put in her arms. Her son, beautiful and brilliant, was finally here.

         "Please." Stefanie approached the bed, smiling widely, and gently took the baby from Valentina's arms.

         "Here, take my seat," Chris said as he pushed himself up from one of the plastic chairs he'd claimed as his own when the baby had finally made an appearance in the world. Liz sat across form him, and Will sat next to her, all three of them tired — though, not nearly as much as Seb and Val —, but equal parts happy for their friends, who finally had their baby boy.

        "Thank you," Stefanie smiled at the man, lowering herself onto the chair. "He's so cute. Oh my god, Val." 

         "Seb and I actually have something we wanted to ask you guys," Valentina said, resting her head on Seb's shoulder — he was sat at the edge of her bed, his arm draped across her shoulders and a tired smile gracing his features.

         "Yeah?" Stefanie lifted her eyes to Valentina, her brows drawing together momentarily.

         "We wanted— we wanted to know if the four of you would like to be his Godparents," Seb spoke, looking around at their friends. "We— we couldn't choose just two of you, and so we decided that we'd choose two each."

         "We also couldn't choose anyone that we weren't friends with before all this happened." Val gestured at the baby. "We couldn't think of anyone better than you four."

          "I'm going to cry," Liz said, pushing herself up from the chair to lean across and wrap her arms around Seb's shoulders. "I love you guys." She took Val's hand as she pulled away from Seb.

          "I think I might cry on your child," Stefanie said, just as James entered the room with Olivia, the two of them grinning.

         "Did you ask them?" James asked, "Do we have to leave again?"

         "We asked them," Val answered, leaning against Seb again. "I think they said yes? I don't know, Liz is the only one who's actually spoken."

         "Of course it's a yes," Chris laughed. "This kid needs some cool godparents to make up for their dorky parents."

         Seb snorted, "Yeah, because you're so cool."

        "I'm cooler than you."


the baby is here !!!

just fyi, his name has already been mentioned once during this fic! way back in the beginning!

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