Red roses | Andy Fowler

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It's now the summer holidays so I'll be uploading quite a bit more now whoop whoop.

I'm now doing imagines, but they will probably take a while to come out,,just comment your name and favourite member and I'll make it for you❤️


For ChoingPalmo

Tour, tour, tour.

That seems to be the only thing in Andy's life at the moment. Andy being away so much has put a huge strain on our relationship. I get the odd call or text before he goes onstage and when he goes to sleep at night. Then there's time zones. He seems to be in America more than he's home these days. I understand that this tour is a huge opportunity for the band, but I don't get to see the man I love. It's hard enough when he's touring in the UK, but America is hours apart. He awake when I'm going to sleep, I'm waking up when he's shutting his eyes. The cycle never stops.

Ping. My phone goes off.

Hey gorgeous, I miss you x

I sigh and shove my phone to the side. It's not that I don't want to respond, I just know I won't get another text for hours.

Ping. Again? This is unusual.

babe please answer, I know you're awake x

Finally, I slide my phone unlocked and type a quick message back, similar to his first; I miss you too Fowler x

Ping. I'm lucky today.

Not long now my love x

What does he mean? My fingers type a response, while my mind stays confused; What do you mean not long?! You don't come back for another month A x


Red roses are still your favourites aren't they? X

I pick at my fingers, unsure of what he's hinting at. Andy's never like this.

Suddenly his name pops up on the screen and as I accept his call, the beautiful voice I've missed rings into my ears.

"Hey baby"
"Red roses?"
"Look on your coffee table"

Confused, I silently walk downstairs to my living room. Roses. Lots of them. In a fancy glass vase laying on the coffee table, my favourite flowers, stray petals dotted at the bottom.

"But how?"
"Open your front door babe"
"No. You're not..?"
"Open the door and find out"
"Oh my God"

I run across to the front door, twisting the silver handle and swinging it open. He's home. My baby is home.

I leap into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist and burying my head into the crook of his neck. Andy walks into my house, closing the door with his foot and carries me to the sofa. He places me down and lays next to me, softly pressing his lips to mine. He's back. Back in my arms. Back where he belongs.


Okay I know this was absolutely terrible because it's my first one but I hope they'll get better?

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