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Pen Your Pride

Disclaimer: I do not own the band One Direction or any of the people related to the band, just the plot of the story and my own characters. Which means if you copy any part of the plot of this story you are stealing my idea. Please remember that.

Oh! And the 'italics' part of the story is where there is signing. I wasn't sure how to write it out, so whenever you see 'italics' that means someone is signing :) Enjoy!


Chapter 1

'I'm not going.' I signed to Olivia Martin, my best friend of nine years now, as she continued to pack my clothes into a suitcase while I continued to unpack them.

"You have to go!" She whined as she stared at me, I was an excellent lip reader now that I was almost eighteen, so Olivia barely used any sign language with me. I could only imagine how high pitch her voice reached as she whined and stared at me with her crystalline blue eyes. "I can't go by myself!"

I face palmed myself as I tried to think of someway to get out of this, but I couldn't think of anything and every time I looked at Olivia, she gave me her puppy dog face. She was guilting me into going. 'What about my mom? You know how she gets when I go on trips like this.'

Olivia smiled as she looked at me, "I already asked her and she said that I could take you!" I placed my hand on my forehead as I shook my head. For once, I was hoping my mom would go back to her overprotective ways and lock me up in my room. "Come on Harmony, you have to go! I mean what else are you going to do? Sit in your room and read? Come on! It's summer, we have to do something exciting besides going to the library or the lake! And we'd get to explore New York City. You've always wanted to go there."

'When I could hear!' I exclaimed with my hands, 'I don't think New York City would be a good place for a deaf girl to be walking around.'

"I'll be there with you!" Olivia exclaimed as she stepped closer to me gripping my shoulders as her long blonde hair tickled my nose.

I groaned outwardly, already knowing this was a losing battle, "Fine I'll go." I replied, not hearing my voice but feeling the vibrations run through my throat as I spoke. I hardly ever spoke, because I could never hear what my voice sounded like and because I was afraid that people would make fun of me, but when I did it was always over something important and always either with Olivia or my mom.

"YES!" Olivia screamed, at least I assumed she screamed as she jumped up and then she turned around, preventing me from seeing what else she was screaming about as she did a little jig around my room. "We're gonna meet one direction!" She yelled as she smiled at me, I rolled my eyes as I crossed my arms across my chest. I turned back and started to pack up my clothes, wondering in God's name what I had gotten myself into.


I looked upon the airport, already scurrying with people trying to make their flight. I suddenly felt very small, the last time I had been in an airport--and an airplane for that matter--was when I could still hear. People pushed by me, probably saying phrases like "excuse me" or "watch it" or one of my personal favorite "move out of my way". I sighed, I couldn't hear that woman's voice over the intercom speaking about luggage safety. I suddenly felt a hand clasp my shoulder, my head turned to see Olivia's worried face as she looked down at me, "You okay?" she asked as I read her lips and gave her a reassuring smile, even though I felt no where near reassured.

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