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valentina_rivera: 8 months👶💙

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valentina_rivera: 8 months👶💙

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elizabetholsenofficial: ahhhh it's so close!!!!

elizabetholsenofficial: i'm so ready to meet the little guy

elizabetholsenofficial: i am going to love him so much💙

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial not as much as me and *beep* do💙

elizabetholsenofficial: valentina_rivera i mean,,, true

garcia_s: i !!! am !!! ready !!!

username1: i love how excited val is, she's going to be such a great mom!

username2: she's going to thrive as a mother, i can just tell username1

mama_rivera: oh, i'm so excited!!!

valentina_rivera: mama_rivera me too, mama💙


baby nug is almost here !!!

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