8- christimas

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Niall p.o.v

"WAKE UP NIALLER IT'S CHRISTMAS WE'RE GOING TO OPEN PRESENTS" Louis screamed in my room jumping up and down on my bed and I could her Julie screaming in the girls room

"Louis why do you always wake us up so freaken early for god sakes it's ... 5 am" I said

"BECAUSE ITS CHRISTMAS" he screamed in my ear

"Ok go aways I'm going to get ready go wake up the other boys or help Julie" I said

"OK BYE NIALLER" Louis screamed again

Today was going to be the best Christmas ever I was going to ask Michelle out I just hope she says yes I'm really nervous I hope it goes alright I got changed and walked down stairs to see everyone Liam and Abby were snuggled up on the couch trying to wake up while Michelle and Diana were leaning against each other both fast asleep both of them are not morning persons and you don't want to see them in the morning and then you have Julie and Louis who are jumping up and down with Fatima then Zayn is fast a sleep on the floor

"WAKE UP DIANA AND MICHELLE" Julie scream in Michelle and Diana's ear making them jump while all of us just laughed "ZAYN WAKE UP" Julie screamed in Zayns ear waking him up

"Gosh can anyone get some sleep around her for god sakes" zayn says

"Well lets open presents" I say

"That's a great idea Nialler" julie says

I got many gift from the boys and girls and most were gift cards to restaurants "this is for you Niall" Michelle says handing me a box I opened it to see the guitar I have been wanting to get "thanks I love it" "I knew you would" "here's yours" I handed her a small box the had a charm bracelet that had different charms that we all had done these past years "I love it" "you welcome" .

Michelle's p.o.v

"Here's yours girls" I said while handing each girl a small box that had friendship bracelets

"Thanks michelle" they said

I had gotten a lot of gifts just by the boys and girls but my favorite was Niall's gift it had many different charms that we had all done in our friend ship I just wish Niall knew I liked him.

Zayns p.o.v

Today was great but can't wait until later me and Niall had planed that both of us were going to ask the girls out by the girls I mean Julie and Michelle. Niall has had a crush on Michelle for quite a long time and I also have had a crush on Julie for a long time so we are going to finally ask them out.

Julie's p.o.v

We were all having dinner when zayn stands up and starts talking "I have a question for Julie" he said I looked at him confused and then he looked at Niall who nodded his head for him to continue "Julie I had have a crush on you for a very long time I really like you .... would you go out with me Julie" he said I was shocked I didn't think Zayn liked me I didn't know what to say omg is this really happing

"yes Zayn I would love to go out with you" I said

"Really" he says

"Yes really" I say

"Ohh new couple in the house" Fatima says moving her arms all around once we finished dinner we all were just chilling watching movies when Niall came back from the kitchen with bags of chips candy , popcorn he handed me a bag of chips because I'm the queen of chips and he also handed Michelle a bag of chips because she was very picky about popcorn when she grabbed the bag she screamed and dropped it to the ground I could see a sticky note taped to it I wonder what it says

Michelle p.o.v

When Niall came back from the kitchen with bags of chips popcorn and candy he handed one to everyone Julie he have chips because we all knew she was the queen of chips and he also handed me one because I was very picky over popcorn when I grabbed the bag of chips from him I screamed seeing the note that was on it. It said ' I love food but I love you more would you go out with me -Nialler' I looked up at Niall who looked nervous

"Yes Niall I would go out with you and I do love you more than food" I said

"Me too" he said and sat next to me

This was the best Christmas present EVER .

"OMG THERE'S TWO NEW COUPLES IN THE HOUSE" Fatima's screamed we all laughed at her then we turned our attention back to the movie. This was the best day of my life.


Author note :

Hey people hope your enjoying this book I'm going to try and update as soon possible give me ideas on what I should do for Julie's and Michelle's date with the boys thx for reading 😘

-Michelle <3

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