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valentina_rivera: sorting through baby nug's clothes💙

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valentina_rivera: sorting through baby nug's clothes💙

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username1: it's so close !!!

username2: omg, i can just tell that val is going to be a great mother

valentina_rivera: username2 thank you!

elizabetholsenofficial: i am so ready for baby nug to be born tbh

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial damn same

username3: the day that we discover the identity of the baby's father is approaching

username4: username3 soon...

imsebastianstan: your son has more clothes than i do, i s2g

valentina_rivera: imsebastianstan h o w ?

chrisevans: valentina_rivera seb doesn't laundry

valentina_rivera: chrisevans he doesn't laundry...

chrisevans: valentina_rivera precisely...

robertdowneyjr: chrisevans is it bad that i'm not surprised?

username5: same robert, same


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