6~The Old versus the New

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^^^^Marie-Anne looking fine^^^^

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^^^^Marie-Anne looking fine^^^^

Dylan's POV

"So, how are you guys?" I ask with a bright smile. Marie-Anne rolls her eyes at me and that's when I know I'm getting to her. It's probably really childish of me to do this to her, but I just want to show her that what she is doing is wrong. The waiter comes with Brown's food and he starts eating. What's with people eating salads? Now, I know where Marie-Anne is getting her bad habits.

"Good," Brown finally replies. Marie-Anne doesn't say anything and continues eating.

"Hey, do you guys have beers?" Marie-Anne asks the waiter.

"Yeah," the waiter tells her, "do you want one?"

"Please get me one," Marie-Anne says grabbing her I.D to show that she was of age. The waiter nods his head and walks away to get Marie-Anne her drink. I didn't even know she drunk, I guess she has changed after all.

"Do you think it's a great idea to be drinking this early?" Brown practically whispers to Marie-Anne.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Why does he care if she drinks or not. I scratch my throat and they both turn looking at me.

"I didn't know you and Ms. Jean had a personal relationship," Brown says looking at me.

"Yeah, Ms. Jean and I go way back," I tell him faking a smile. "But, it's not like you would know who Ms. Jean has a personal relationship with, you only know her to a professional level, right?" I ask even though I already knew the answer.

"Yes, you are right," he says in that stupid accent. I don't know why people love British accents, it's annoying especially coming from him.

Marie-Anne's beer finally comes and she couldn't have been happier. She quickly drinks almost half of the bottle. She looks like my mother when she is nervous about something. Brown looks up at Marie-Anne and gives her a frown. I could tell he didn't approve of her drinking.

"So, you're from England?" I ask Brown, "how is the weather this time of the year?" I add nodding my head stupidly.

"Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious," he says. Is he trying to be smart with me? "The weather is beautiful this time of the year because it's summer," he says. 

"Mhmm, is all your family from England?" I ask. I just wanted him to talk and drop something that he would regret later on. And I just love seeing Marie-Anne's heart rate race up everytime I open my mouth to speak.

"Yeah, I think so," he says. His face expression drops for a second and he let out a small chuckle. "Argent, do you know what I do for a living?"

"Yeah, you're an A.D.A," I tell him having no idea where this is going. "Why?"

"Did you know that I spend hours questioning victims, witnesses, and even hardcore criminals?" He asks, but I'm pretty sure that it was a statement. He didn't want an answer from me, he just wanted to let me know. "So, why are you interrogating me?" Marie-Anne looks up to me and gives me a smile, proud of what Brown said.

"I'm not, just wanted to get to know you?" I tell him.


"Well, I make it my business to know everyone who works for the D.A, personal friend and all," I say. His eyes flinch a little, I guess he didn't know that I know the D.A.

"Mhmm," he says with a chuckle. He goes back to eating his food and doesn't say anything. I could see him stealing glances of Marie-Anne as she eats.

"How you've been?" I ask Marie-Anne.

"I've been better," she answers sarcastically. "What about you Dylan? How's your family?" She asks and Brown looks up at me waiting for an answer. I feel like he knows something about my family, maybe Marie-Anne told him how my mother tried to kill her.

"They're fine," I say even though I honestly had no idea how my family was. I haven't heard from my brother in almost two months. The only ones I still talk to is my sister and my father, but I haven't heard from them in a while either. "Do you still get panic attacks?" I ask and Marie-Anne slams her fork on her salad plate.

"No," she says taking a deep breath.

"I didn't know you got panic attacks," Brown says looking at Marie-Anne.

"Use to," she corrected.

"What triggered them?"


"I'll answer that," I volunteer raising my right hand like I was a little kid. "It all started a long, long time ago wh-"

"Dylan, I dare you to continue," Marie-Anne says fiercely.

"Okay, I'll do it," I tell her knowing she is most likely annoy by me right now; I just love making her mad. "So, like I was saying," I try to continue.

"Dylan Andre Argent, don't say another word or I swear to God I'll make you regret it," she says looking me dead in my eyes. "You want to play, we'll play."

Brown starts laughing so hard that some people start to look at us. My jaw drops out of shock of how mad Marie-Anne is right now, her eyes don't leave my body and her hands are in fists. "Here I was thinking that I would have to do something," Brown says between laughs.

"You haven't seen Anne in a while, have you?" Brown asks me, "Anne, does not play games," he says. Wait, why does he only calls her Anne? "Argent, let me give you some advice: first of all stop trying to ruin the girl's relationships, second of all if you are still in love with her just tell her, and third of all don't bring me to it I don't play and I certainly do not fight over woman." He says his accent becoming evident with each word.

I'm not in love with her, I just want her to dump you.

"Now, I just wanted to have a peaceful lunch, I have a meeting with a judge and I like to be relaxed before so, bye." He says getting up from his seat and taking out his wallet. "See you later Jean," he says putting a twenty dollar bill on the table. He left and I turn back to Marie-Anne.

"Marie-Anne," I start.

"Save it, if you have a problem with me, leave Brown out of it; he comes from a different world than you and he doesn't play these games, he actually cares about how people feel. Dylan, I thought you were better than this, eight years ago when I left we were in good terms. You were my first love and a girl will never forget their first love. I have good memories of us together so please don't make those memories change. I want to remember you as the sweet Dylan I dated not the Dylan you're being right now."

"Please, try to stay away from me, I honestly do not have time for your games and please stop trying to embarrass me." She says getting up. She takes out her wallet and puts her money on the table. She takes a sip of her unfinished beer and walks out swinging her hips.

I sigh and close my eyes. Why am I the one left feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and sad when they were supposed to feel like that?


Do you guys prefer beer or wine?

Au revoir...

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