Forgiven || Calum Smut

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“Fuck. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me going more than my girl saying she just got a bikini wax.” The room erupted in roars at the statement, made by one of Calum’s good friends. You and Calum were hosting a small get-together, and both of you had a few drinks in you. It had been a fun night, but you were getting tired. Since it was at Cal and Ash’s apartment, though, you couldn’t very well kick everyone out. So, you settled for listening to the silly drunken stories getting told by your friends. 

“Listen, the bikini wax is a godsend,” Ashton slurred drunkenly, for some reason shirtless and with his pants unbuttoned. “It’s literally like… like…"

Ash never finished his sentence, instead plopping down onto the couch beside you.

“Nah man,” Michael laughs, shaking his head. He was actually still pretty sober. 

“I don’t give a flying fuck what’s down there. There could be a fucking jungle,” he pauses to take a chug from his beer as everyone doubles over laughing. “I’ll play Tarzan. I don’t give a fuck.“

“Bro, if you’re into that, then you and Y/N should fuck.” Everyone exploded into laughter at Calum’s blunt remark. Your cheeks heated as you turned to look at him, just now noticing how very drunk he was as his dimples popped cheekily at you. 

“Got a nice carpet, Y/N?” One of his friends joked. You grinned, rolling your eyes. You wanted to cry, but you had to brush it off. Everyone was laughing. What could you do?

You were so mad at Calum. He knew you were insecure of your body hair. Waxing hurt a fuck lot and caused infections and breakouts sometimes, and you had been trying to give yourself a break from shaving every day, since your skin was getting dry and flakey. Calum had never mentioned anything about it before. You wanted to cry. 

You didn’t, though. At least, not right at first. Not in front of everyone. Instead, you sweetly turned to Calum.

“Well, one of us have to have some hair in this relationship,” you joked through unnoticeably clenched teeth. “This one is like a naked mole rat.” Everyone chuckled at your statement, agreeing. You knew Calum’s lack of hair was a sore spot, but you didn’t care. You saw hurt flash in Calum’s eyes, but it disappeared quick enough. Good. He deserved to feel the sting of embarrassment, too.

“I think I’m gonna head out,” Michael said next, yawning as he got up from the couch. Everyone else in the room murmured their agreements, muttering goodbyes and leaving so it eventually became just you, Calum and Ashton left. 

Calum was passed out, so you decided to leave him on the couch. You’d deal with his ass tomorrow. 

“He’s in trouble, isn’t he?” Ashton giggled as he stumbled behind you into the kitchen. You poured him a glass of water, watching him chug it.

“He’s such a dick sometimes,” is all you mumbled, leaving Ashton and going into your room. You changed into your pajamas and spread out on the bed. You felt so humiliated. All the other girls got bikini waxes, but none of them had hair like yours. It used to be a very sensitive thing for you, but Calum had always assured you that you were beautiful. Guess the truth monster reared its ugly face when he was drunk, though. As usual.


You woke up to a stubbly, chubby cheek rubbing against yours roughly, it being far too early. Breathing in the scent of stale smoke and liquor, you pushed against your boyfriend’s chest. Calum pouted at you but you ignored him, turning on your side so you weren’t facing him. He let out a huff.

“Okay, what’d I do?” He asked, trying to turn you over. 

“I know you were drunk, but not drunk enough to not remember last night,” you mumbled, resisting.

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