Yours Forever | Sometimes, love isn't enough [a poem]

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Forever Yours <3 | Sometimes, love isn't enough



She sat at the foot of her bed,

staring into the nothingness ahead

Helpless, hopeless, she remembered the day

Watching with her own two eyes as,

Her one true love was carried away.

"Let's go out to eat," he'd said.

" I want to give you a treat ."

Excited beyond words,

she'd dressed up in a hurry

Putting on shoes and make-up;

as they left in an animated flurry.

With her hair piled atop her head,

in a crown of midnight locks

Wrapped in a pretty pink dress;

Looking like a true beauty,

she walked beside him

Shrouded in an aura of allure,

like a goddess.

If she were the goddess,

then he the fallen angel.

Covered in all black,

his green eyes were the only splash of color seen

He clasped her hand in his,

holding her in his arms

The way they should have stayed,

the way they had always been.

Walking down the sidewalk they entered the luxurious hotel.

She would remember it for years to come

The last night they were together as one.

They did not for a second think that they would become shrouded,

in such a shadow of glum.

One uncaring driver was all it took: stolen was their love,

forever unknown

He landed on the side of the road,

torn and broken, bleeding too

It only took a second, as their world fell apart,

With his last breath he'd whispered,

"I'll always love you."

The night forever embedded in her memory,

she cried a thousand times

Reliving the moment time and again,

she stayed up with her tortured thoughts

Maybe it was her fault - maybe his,

maybe it was no one's, but still the card had been played.

Never again would she feel his touch,

taste his kiss.

No more cherished memories,

no loving presents bought.

Twas a night of pain and horror.

As she clutched his picture to her heart,

helpless, hopeless, she remembered the day,

Watching with her own two eyes as,

Her one true love was carried away


My first attempt at poetry. This is a ballad, a form of story writing where the words rhyme and are written in a poem format. There is no concrete format to the ballad though, it' more free verse-ish.

I'd appreciate tips and such to help me improve. I know it's not as good as some other poems on here, but it's still not that bad ... I hope

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