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(4) Kelsea - Friday 10 August, 4,37 p.m. - Costa Coffee

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(4) Kelsea - Friday 10 August 2011, 4.37 p.m. - Costa Coffee (Corner Of The Kitchen)

Do YOU understand? (Gosh, no idea who YOU are, just a diary, aren't you? But I need to take my anger out on something. Or someone.)

Anyway. I certainly DON'T understands what is up with Demi. My best friend, my ONLY best friend, has lost it.

She actually went up to him and just - clamped her mouth onto his. AND HE KISSED HER BACK!

We're talking about Adrian Pine here. He's a friggin' gangster! Gangsta! (However you spell it.) I would RATHER kiss . . . um . . .

Okay. So he's pretty hot. But if he dropped the irritating accent and his hoods then he would be so much better.

I just finished work. He was in here on his own! Normally he has is stupid mates with him. But, I mean, who goes into a coffee shop when you're a gangster? The place is full of mothers with tiny toddlers ordering those Easter cakes when it's actually the middle of summer and everything. I could see Adrian was looking for trouble. With ANY-FRIGGIN-ONE they recognised! (As you can see, I'm SEETHING.) But me being the brave woman I am, I stood my ground at the counter with my cleaning liquid and cloth, hands on hips.

And the guy actually yelled from the door, "Hey, baby!" all the customers had turned to face him, then me. One of the chubby toddlers started crying. Yeah. I just rolled my eyes at Maycee who looked pretty darn scared as she was arranging the coffee cups at the side, and I tried to show I was not bothered as I waited for the bastard to reach the counter. But I was thinking, if he was gonna fuck up my job, I was ready to POUND him.

Well, he reached the counter and I decided to play it cool. He would be treated like a normal customer. "Hi. What can I get you?" I asked with the if-you-embarrass-me-here-I-will-personally-arrange-your-death-stare. My voice sounded oh so polite, but I could tell by the smirk Mr Pine was doing that my face was a totally different story.

"Two cappuccinos please, Ginger."

Yes, he called me ginger! The fucker was really trying to get me worked up. I KNEW IT. But I kept my composure, silently so no bad words would come out or sarcastic comments would come out. I got the cappuccinos, wondering who the second was for. He was weirding me out, because:

1) Well, he's a gangster/gangsta. They don't hang out in Costa.

2) He was getting a cappuccino.

3) He was getting another one. FOR SOMEONE ELSE!

And the question spilt out - I asked him if he was dating someone here. And his next words made my jaw drop.

"Yeah, honey. I'm meetin' your little friend here."

"DEMI?!" I literally screamed, and some people turned to scowl at us. But his was important. And when I saw him nod, I had to grab the counter so I didn't fall.

Bloody hell!

He just smirked, paid, and sat down. I tried to collect my thoughts as I served other people. I kept a constant eye on the door. I began to wonder what she'd wear. How she'd behave.


I didn't even know that they knew each other. Not to be a bitch, but I sorta know him, and speak to him, more than her. Or had she been keeping secrets? And had she forgotten that I was working today? If I was her I would've kept it private. But I guess Demi and I don't think alike. Maybe she WANTED to have me see it.

God, how long have they been going out?

So, Demi entered. Looking pretty much like . . . Demi. She had her usual casual/indie style of clothes on - loose navy blouse, beige knee length skirt. Black and white pumps. Her dark hair tied up.



I need to take deep breaths.

I couldn't contain it any longer - I rushed over to them and pulled Demi's hair. Pulled her away from him. She gasped, and sort of glared uneasily at me.

"Hello," I remember saying pleasantly. Then I dropped my voice and glared at her as I said, "Take it outside if you're gonna do that here. There are kids around."

I was disgusted with her! I still am!

Demi just frowned and then sat down in her own seat. There was a lot of glaring between the three of us and then I got back to work.



Oh my Gosh, I'm so angry that I'm pressing so hard on the pen and ripping the pages.

I need to have a word with her. I am calling at her house tonight. I'm scared for her. And I feel hurt that she never told me.

They left, pretty soon. Holding hands. And even though I know Aiden Pine is a stupid guy who plays with girls as if they're toys, I was so confused.

why would someone go for Demi, and not me? Am I not . . . not . . .

I dunno. What's she got that I don't have?

Am I being mean about this?

Kelsea . . x

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