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I paced around my room trying to find a way to escape this place even though my heart seems to decline it but I know that decisions should be made through mind not heart. Emotions shouldn't get between in critical situations.

A knock on the oak doors of my room interrupted my thoughts. "Come in" I gave permission to whoever is on the door to enter.

A maid made its way towards me and bowed a little before saying, "Princess, our king is waiting for you in the dining hall for lunch" I was consumed in making plans to escape that I forget about our lunch together. I nodded and immediately after that she left the room all the while I stood rooted to my place while a question kept running into my head,
Am I letting my walls which I have build around my heart letting down slowly?


We ate silently, Xander tried to make small talk but I didn't replied to any one of it knowing that this is the right thing to do. But it is suffocating. Suddenly Xander slammed his knife and fork on the table making myself alert and looking at me with those black orbs which never fail to capture me in their depth but this time they seem fire on a pitch black night. The unburied fire which was burning within them resulted in making me gulp, fear immediately crawling within me but refusing to surface knowing that I cannot back down not on any circumstance.

"Anastasia what is it?" He spoke every word loud and taking small pauses within them with gritted teeth like making me understand every word. I know what he is talking about but I won't show it. A girl has to show some innocent act.

"I don't get it, what you are talking about?" I spoke loud and clear while making my voice cold, as cold as I could muster. His black eyes darkened more if it was even possible. He slammed his fist on the table while I jerked a little back words while trying to hide the fear which is residing within me.

"This, this..cold behaviour of yours towards me, you were good and talking to me in the morning what happened now?" He questioned now with a soft voice while his eyes soften more and his voice nearly equal to a plead. And I want to give in, almost give in and tell him that I am afraid that my heart has boundaries which he is trying to break and I also know that sooner or later he will be successful in doing it if I don't push him now with my full force but ignoring all of this I spoke something which made him angrier than ever before, in all the times I have seen him.

"I was always like this towards you and always will, my hatred towards you never changed, I was getting a little suffocated here so I took the chance you gave me to go out and I took it" I said with a shrug like I really don't care about anything and then I continued with my lies,

"And about being civil with you, it was just a one time thing" with that being said I released a humorless laugh and said, "don't get used to it" I finished my lies and look at him deep in the eyes. After this he will hate me more than anyone else, will push me back and my heart will be safe.

He looked at me with disbelief and I want nothing but to tell him the truth and to tell him that all the thing I have said are just lies and nothing more but then his eyes held that fury again which almost made me want to go and hide somewhere. Almost.

"You are lying!...I know you are lying!..you are not like this! I know that so stop telling lies!" He roared while I felt my heart clench painfully.

How come he know I am lying ,I have pulled up my best facade there is no way a person who doesn't even know me can tell that I am lying. But I stayed still, rooted to my seat all the while looking at those eyes, not backing down knowing that losing is not a choice when my heart is at stake. I have buried my grave deep while saying those things and I know that I can get killed by a snap of his fingers but still somewhere in my heart there is a feeling that he wouldn't do something like that...

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