Seeing him like this, Hina realized that just talking to Jaemin made her somewhat less sad. It's like he magically swept up some of her worries for her. But what was this feeling she was having?

Hina: "What the... why the heck is your heart beating faster, Hina-yah?" she asked herself as she placed her hand over her chest. "You must be crazy" she shook her head.

After Lami's rehearsals finished, staff members called over Jisung and the kept on roll calling from then on, again from youngest to oldest.

Jeno: "Hyung, I'm kind of nervous" he approached Mark who was helping Jisung during his rehearsals at the time.
Mark: "Nervous?" he looked at his fellow friend.
Jeno: "I'm still lacking compared to you all" he expressed his worries. "Jisung's super good at dancing, Donghyuk is good at singing, Jaemin's an all-around comedian even without trying, and hyung- you're a triple threat. But me? I'm mediocre and average is never enough" he added.
Mark: "Dude, stop worrying. You think that if average wasn't good enough, a big company like SM would even accept you as a trainee? You obviously have something that keeps you in the game. So, stop worrying and get ready because you're next in line" he patted Jeno on his shoulder. "You got this, Jeno-ah" he assured him once again.
Jeno: "Thanks hyung" he smiled.

Staff: "Jeno?" they called for him.
Jeno: "Right here" he rose his hand as he smiled at Mark to thank him for his words of encouragement.

Jaemin: "Hyung" he startled Mark from sneaking up behind him.
Mark: "Ah jinjja-sh" he muttered. "Get ready because you're next after Herin" he told him.
Jaemin: "How do you know when you like someone?" he asked out of nowhere.
Mark: "What?" his attention is focused on Jaemin.
Jaemin: "Like does your heart beat faster when she bickers with you? Do you get the butterflies in your tummy when you watch her perform? Do you turn as red as a tomato whenever she walks passes you?" he asked, dazing off in a day dream.
Mark: "Who are you talking about?"
Jaemin: "Eoh? ah, no one. No one.. I was just curious that's all. Aigoo, is it my turn yet or..?" he walked away slowly.

Mark, who was left confused, started to think about his own feelings. How DO you know when you like someone? he wondered himself. Then he thought long about it. Whenever he see Koeun hurt, he's hurt too. Whenever he hears Koeun singing, it makes him happy. Whenever she's around, he feels completed... just not sure as a friend or... or if it's because he really does like her?

Mark: "No, no, no.. You should focus and stop thinking about all of this" he shook his head as he tells himself to stop dazing off.
Staff: "Mark?" they called for him.
Mark: "Here" he rose his hand and walked towards the rehearsal stage. He had been doing so much thinking, he didn't realize it was already his turn.

After rehearsing for his part of covering EXO-sunbaenim's "Growl", Mark started to rehearse for his introduction verse. After what felt like 30 minutes, the staff members concluded his rehearsals.

Staff: "Great job, Mark! You will do great during the recording in a few hours!" the staff members praised him.
Mark: "Thank you! You guys have worked hard" he thanked the staff while getting off the stage.
Staff: "Okay, last rookie please come on the stage if you're ready" she directed.

Mark: "Oh, I thought we were going youngest to oldest?" he asked.
Staff: "We are" she answered him. "Next" she called out again.
Mark: "Did someone not get to rehearse yet?" he looked around at the rest of the trainees as everyone shook their head and asked one another.
Staff: "There's one more trainee. Where did she go?" they asked.
Koeun: "Right here" she surprised her fellow friends as she walked in from the back dressing room.

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