Chapter 10 ~ Percy

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Percy opened his eyes to a familiar darkness. His head began to hurt. He had no idea where he was and could hardly recall last night's events. Percy racked his brain trying to remember. It all happened like this.


Percy was on his way to see Annabeth. Their time for serving had finally run out and he was ready to see his beautiful wife again.

As Percy began packing his bags with everything he had brought, clothes, food, personal belongings, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Percy turned, and was blindfolded.

"Who are you!" Percy screamed.
"No one of importance. No be quiet."

Percy felt himself being loaded onto a cart and it began to move.

"Where are you taking me?" he asked.
"Somewhere your lovely wife can't find you."
"How do you know who my wife is?"
"Well, King Perseus, I've been keeping tabs on her."

Percy was confused. How did this man know who he was? Percy had stayed hidden and never caused a scene. No one had recognized him. Not even Annabeth. Percy wanted to punch this man's lights out. Unfortunately, he couldn't. His arms were tied as if scratching his behind.

"Anyway," the man continued, "I plan on having her."
"She won't ever marry you."
"And if I force her?"

Percy was speechless. He didn't want to tell the kidnapper about his unborn child. He would target her and the baby. Whatever happened, Percy wasn't letting his wife or child die. 

"She'll never marry you, you filthy, rotten scum bag of snails."
"Ah, you don't understand. If I tell her I have you captive, she'll marry me to save you. And if I marry her I'll be king."
"If she saves me, I'll be king."
"Well, I don't think you want your wife or unborn child to die so you? If I kill her, the baby dies with her." 

Percy said nothing. He didn't knows what to say. This man was threatening him, his beloved and his child! Percy promised himself this his captor would die a painful death.

Then Percy was taken into a room. He finally got the chance to remove his blindfold. Once he did, the last thing he saw was a frying pan before it hit him and he blacked out.

Ah, so that's why his head started to hurt. He rubbed his forehead. For now, all he was worried about was Annabeth. He wanted to be there for her when she had the baby. Percy had to figure out a way to escape, to get back home. Unfortunately, all he could see was darkness.

But he recognized the voice that kidnapped him. He couldn't place it though. It was...familiar.

Percy's arms were still tied. So were his ankles. His stomach churned with depressing thoughts. What if he couldn't make it home in time? What if his kidnapper threatened Annabeth before she had the baby.

Percy wanted to free his arms. Luckily, he kept a pocket knife in his pocket. It wasn't called a pocket knife for nothing. It was in the back pocket of his military uniform. He unsheathed the knife and used it to cut his bonds. Percy felt relief, his hands were free. He sat down and cut the ropes on his ankles.

Percy was free! Now, he had to find a way out. He felt the walls. Nothing, no crack, no creases, no doors. There weren't any windows either. Percy was trapped in complete darkness. He could barely see himself.

The walls of the 'dungeon' were solid stone, it seemed perfectly fine, not in any danger of breaking. Percy groaned. Why was everything so hard for him? He was mad. He at least wanted to see Annabeth before he got kidnapped. Technically, king-napped.

Percy was, however, excited for the baby. He wanted his heir or heiress to have a happy life. With both mother and father. Playing in the gardens, swimming in lakes, apple picking. The things that made Percy happy when he was a little boy.

He loved Annabeth with all his heart and wanted a family with her. They wanted their happily ever after. Before her, Percy was always miserable , being the middle child, his mother dying at a young age. His older sibling telling him what to do.

Percy's kidnapper left him in a room in complete darkness. Percy cursed. He began pacing the room. He was starving and thirsty. They had left him inside with no food or water. He bit his nails, worrying for his wife and friends. He just hoped they were okay without him.

Annabeth was probably crying her eyes out. He didn't want anyone to worry about him. Piper would be sitting next to her, comforting Annabeth. Jason would try and comfort Piper and Annabeth, but fail miserably. Percy laughed at the thought of Jason being comforting.

Jason was a strong leader, not exactly the best at comforting someone. He was a friend, fun to be around. Piper was a sweet person. He had heard they wanted to get married, but the war was making it difficult. He wanted to see two of his best friends get married, the way they watched he and Annabeth.

Percy felt bad for Annabeth. He felt like he was lying to her. Telling her he would come home,but then get kidnapped. He knew it wasn't his fault but he couldn't help but blame himself. He was causing her all this pain and sadness. He left when he needed her the most. When she was having a baby.

At first, Percy always said to her that he wasn't ready to be a father. Maybe that why Annabeth never told him. After a while, he said he was happy with anything she agreed to. He loved her more than anything.

Please, please, let them be okay. Annabeth had to survive. Piper and Jason were going to have their happy ending. And this war had caused all of it. Please, give us peace, just for a little while.

As Percy was ending his prayer, somehow a door opened. Light flooded the room. Percy shielded his eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden brightness. Standing in the doorway was a man with blond hair. Percy recognized it as his old enemy.


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